7 Things to Know about His Man Parts ...


7 Things to Know about His Man Parts ...
7 Things to Know about His Man Parts ...

I like to learn new things and hopeful, I am able to teach at least one of you something new. Surely, some of you reading this blog may already know the things I tell you, but some of you may not know these. There are 7 things to know about his man parts …

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The Tip

The tip of his “man part” is very sensitive. When the skin on it gets pulled, it feels strange to the man. If there is no skin there to pull back in the first place, then this would not apply to your guy.


It’s like a high-pitched nerve center that can send fireworks through his body with the right touch. For many men, it holds a concentration of nerve endings that respond intensely to stimulation. What you want to do is explore gentle pressure and motion, finding what elicits the best response. Be attentive to his reactions; a whisper of a touch might be all that’s needed, whereas in other moments, a more firm but gentle approach could send him over the edge. Always proceed with a mix of curiosity and respect for his boundaries—communication is key for blissful encounters.



Why would you want to call it a “penis” when in bed? For some, this word can be a turn off. The term “penis” is found in the textbooks. Use something a bit more … exotic. You know, something that makes him feel manly and apart from other men.


Choosing to use other words can boost passion and intimacy in the bedroom. Perhaps consider playful nicknames or pet names that are unique to your relationship. These terms of endearment can be both sultry and affectionate, enhancing the personal connection between partners. Whispering these words during intimate moments can magnify the excitement and make him feel like he's the only one in the world for you. Remember, the language of love is about expressing desire in a way that resonates with you both, so don't be afraid to get creative!



Do you like receiving compliments? What do you like receiving compliments on? Your makeup? Your clothes? Well, men like to receive compliments on their man parts, so remember this one.


Just like how a sincere remark about your outfit can make your day, acknowledging your man’s assets can significantly boost his confidence. It’s not just about flattery; it’s about making him feel appreciated and desired. That cheeky grin or blush you might notice? That’s a sign you’ve truly made an impact. And don’t shy away from being specific—a genuine compliment goes a long way. This form of intimate affirmation deepens your connection, reinforcing that his physical attributes are just as alluring to you as his personality.


Your Ex

You should never tell your man about your ex boyfriend, right? Well, some say otherwise if he was a tiny old guy – you know what I mean. Men have a tendency to like hearing their girlfriend tell how tiny her ex was – it makes them feel more … manly?


While it's a delicate balance between oversharing and keeping secrets, in some cases, mentioning a pint-sized ex might actually serve as an ego boost for your current beau. It's like an unspoken compliment to his masculinity, as long as the topic is broached with tact. Opt for lightheartedness rather than comparison. But remember, ladies—tread carefully; every man and relationship is different. This tidbit should only be used if you're confident it will be received in the playful spirit intended. After all, communication is key, and in this case, less is more.


Just the Penis?

When I am talking about man parts, it seems as if I am talking about just the penis. Hmm. I have been neglecting the two balls in this blog! Girls, don’t forget about the two balls, guys really like them getting some attention.


Indeed, the testicles are often an overlooked zone of pleasure, but they’re sensitive and deserve some TLC too. Gentle fondling and soft touches can work wonders during foreplay or the main act. However, remember to be extra gentle because those buddies are delicate! They're packed with nerve endings, so even a light touch can send shivers down his spine. If you’re unsure about your technique, just ask him how it feels and what he likes. Communication is key — doing so will ensure that both you and your man enjoy the experience to the fullest.

Famous Quotes

Happiness depends upon ourselves.


Men with Larger Testicles

It is said you can tell how a man is by his testicle size. Do you think this one is true? Either way, it is surely something to throw out here and see what others say about it. They say guys who have larger testicles are more willing to take risk, more outgoing, have higher self esteem, successful with women and more aggressive.


While many may chuckle at the notion, some studies suggest a correlation between testicle size and certain traits. For instance, larger testicles have been linked to higher sperm counts, which in theory could signal greater fertility. But before you get your measuring tape out, remember that personality and biology are complexly interwoven. It's important to note that these observations are general and certainly not a hard rule for every man. Plus, societal and cultural factors play a major role in shaping behavior, so take this titbit with a grain of salt – and maybe a little humor too.


Testicle Size

Most men have testicles that measure between fourteen cm and thirty five cm. I am talking about measure of volume. It has been said (I’m not sure if this one is actually true, because I have only been with one guy) that African American men have the biggest testicles and Asian men have the smallest testicles. So, would that mean that Asian men are unwilling to take a risk? Have poor self esteem? Are Shy?

Those are 7 things to know about his man parts. I know, men have other parts, but the testicles and the penis are two (correction, three) of his main important parts. For example, if you ask your guy what he wants rubbed on his body, do you really think he is going to say his aching shoulders? That is my point exactly. So, do you have any other facts you would like to share with us?

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this is just common sense. everyone knows abt this.

who's letting high school sophomores write sex articles, anyway?! If you can't use the proper names for sex organs, then you aren't mature enough to have anything to do with sex organs at all!

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this one must be meant for very young girls. and even then, it's pretty silly!

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