8 Things Men Dig ...


8 Things Men Dig ...
8 Things Men Dig ...

I know not all men can be lumped into the same category that includes the list below of 8 things men dig. However, most of the men in my life all share a common enjoyment in the 8 things listed below. See what you think and if you know of any men who enjoy these 8 things as well!

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Fast Cars

Fast Cars Photo Credit: CKW Media

I've noticed that not only do fast cars fascinate guys, but loud ones too. Formula One and Nascar fans always get pumped up once the cars start making their way around the track.


Shoot-em up Movies

Shoot-em up Movies Photo Credit: comicbookmovie.com
These action-packed flicks don't even have to involve a lot of gunfire. As long as there are a few key explosions going off or a couple of fire balls, guys are satisfied. My husband worked in special effects in the movie industry for 13 years and never seems to be able to get enough of movies with grand explosions. I think this is because he used to be the one in charge of making the explosive special effects!



Photo Credit: beyondhollywood.com
Whether they are curves on a woman, on a road, or on a fine sports car, guys tend to enjoy them. Of course, some men like subtle curves, while others are attracted to a lot of curves. I'm sure you can think of a variety of men who fall into either category.


Having Someone to Laugh at Their Jokes

Having Someone to Laugh at Their Jokes Photo Credit: hilgersorthodontics.blogspot.com
Guys like being the center of attention. The biggest lovers of attention are often the class clowns when they are young. These guys grow up to be huge jokers and are always looking for a laugh, sometimes at the expense of a friend or family member. Most of the time, the jokes are all in good fun.


Being Waited on

Being Waited on Photo Credit: sheknows.com
Even thought times have changed and most men don't expect their wives or girlfriends to wait hand and foot on them, there are still quite a few who enjoy being waited on. They may not expect it, but they dig it!


New Gadgets

New Gadgets Photo Credit: arstechnica.com
Have you ever noticed how a guy's eyes light up when he gets a new gadget? It could be a new doodad for the car, a bike, the workshop, or the Man Cave. As long as it is something that he knows his friends will be in awe over, then that's all that truly matters.


Being Admired

Photo Credit: ifaguylikesyou.com
What guy doesn't like to be admired? This is sometimes a game between guys as well. They try to see who can be the most admirable when out with a group of guy friends.


Anything That Will Give Them an Adrenaline Rush

Anything That Will Give Them an Adrenaline Rush Photo Credit: tripsgeek.com
Guys tend to be way into extreme sports, due to the adrenaline rush that comes with these types of activities. Sky diving, bungee jumping, race car driving, snowboarding, or any other activity that is fast moving. Going on a zipline, cliff diving, and running with the bulls are a few additional activities that men will seek out when they need an adrenaline rush.

This list was a fun one to write. I hope you enjoyed y collection of 8 things men dig and it made you think of a few additional ones you'd like to share. What are some things your man digs?

Top Photo Credit: data.whicdn.com

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I love adrenaline. That's why I LOOOOVE roller coasters! Except California Screamin' in Disneyland.

Guys are such adrenaline junkies

All but #1. Adrenalin is synonymous with dangerous IMO.

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