7 Things Men Don't Tell You ...


7 Things Men Don't Tell You ...
7 Things Men Don't Tell You ...

My husband is a fairly easy going guy and I like to feel that he tells me when things bother him. Usually he does, but sometimes he doesn’t right away. We talk to each other about things that other couples have told us and wonder why they don’t simply tell each other. I guess it isn’t as easy for everyone. Some people are into a lot of drama or have short fuses, so I could see why some things go unsaid. This list of 7 things men don’t tell you is a short collection of what I could think of from past experiences. See what you think!

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Your Cooking Isn’t All That Great

Your Cooking Isn’t All That Great Photo Credit: Steve Wampler

I remember a friend of mine was complaining that his wife didn’t cook as good as his mom, in fact, she was a terrible cook. However, he never wanted to tell her because he was afraid it would hurt her feelings. He’s probably right, but he could possibly do it in a tactful manner. Maybe he could actually offer to cook dinner some nights, which is what I actually suggested to him.


Some of Your Friends Are Annoying

Some of Your Friends Are Annoying Photo Credit: Atlantys (Be Right Back) 8-)

During high school, my boyfriend and best friend got along, but it was only for my benefit. It wasn’t until a couple of years into the relationship that my boyfriend actually told me that he couldn’t stand my best friend. As I thought back to past situations, I could actually see that he was utterly annoyed with her. Sometimes you have to keep an eye on body language to get the hint that your man doesn’t care for certain friends of yours.


It can come as a shock when you finally uncover the truth about how your partner feels regarding the friends you adore. You may ponder over missed signs and past interactions. In these moments, it's crucial to remember that everyone has their own personalities and preferences, and not all friendships are designed to be universally adored. However, it's important to consider whether your partner's discomfort is something to be addressed or if it's something that can be gently acknowledged and navigated with empathy and understanding. After all, maintaining harmony between your partner and your friends sometimes requires compromise and open communication.


You Spend Too Much Time on the Phone

You Spend Too Much Time on the Phone Photo Credit: Today is a good day

Some guys will come right out and tell women that they talk too much. There are a few who are in relationships where they feel that it’s better to stay quiet about this topic. Most women like to talk to friends and family on the phone, just to stay in touch and see what the new gossip is. Have you ever seen the guys who roll their eyes as soon as their wife’s or girlfriend’s cell phone rings? I’m fairly sure that not all of these guys have told their loved one just how annoyed they are by the incessant talking.


They Don’t Want to Be Called All the Time

They Don’t Want to Be Called All the Time Photo Credit: Joep R.

This eye-rolling can also accompany the ringing of a guy’s cell phone and it usually means their beloved wife or girlfriend is calling them again. Not all guys mind this, but there are quite a few who secretly do. I once had a boyfriend who played the part of the annoying caller, so I know just how irritating it can be. Telling him about it didn’t seem to curb the calling any, so I just had to suck it up and answer. Well, most of the time.


Your New Hairdo Isn’t the Best Choice

Your New Hairdo Isn’t the Best Choice Photo Credit: Julien Chambon

I know that certain situations call for a new hairdo and guys aren’t always going to think it’s as grand as you do. Sometimes it’s actually nice when they don’t say something about a new do, especially if it’s for a wedding or another formal event. I had my hair done for a cousin’s wedding and had such a blast going to the parlor to have it piled up on top of my head. I was in high spirits when I got back home, until my boyfriend told me how horrible it looked. He was very explicit about it and the comments totally ruined my day. I actually locked myself in the bathroom and cried. Over a comment about hair!


You Shop Too Much

You Shop Too Much Photo Credit: B℮n

Trying to keep the shopping bug at bay is often difficult. I try to rationalize buying something new. I think about what I already have and most of the time I have a similar shirt in my closet, which is probably why I was attracted to the one on the clothing rack. My sister is one of those women who basically works to support her clothing desires. She doesn’t have a walk-in closet; she has an actual bedroom that is filled with racks of clothing. She could open her own department store. Her boyfriend would go along with her and watch her pick out new items from the sale racks without saying a word. At least when she gets tired of an outfit I end up with it, so I don’t complain!


That Outfit Looks Horrible

That Outfit Looks Horrible Photo Credit: anne makaske

Not all outfits look as good as you think. I know I have plenty of outfits that feel fabulous on, but they must not look that great on. If I’m wearing one of these comfy combinations and mention going into town, then my husband kind of grimaces when he sees what I’m wearing. I can’t help it if he can get away with wearing nothing but jeans and t-shirts and looking great in everything!

Hopefully there aren’t guys that keep all of these things to themselves. If there are, then these must be some pretty miserable men! I think you just have to know when it’s appropriate to tell someone something and when you should keep it to yourself, like my wedding-hair incident. My day would have gone so much better if I hadn’t known how my boyfriend truly felt about my elegant do. Is there something else that you can think of that can be added to my list of 7 things men don’t tell you? Are there things that you wish they didn’t tell you?

Top Photo Credit: nickwheeleroz

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I think I got someone who is too much vocal if this list is true....LOL. My Husband is always on the face regarding THESE issues.

I frequently get told by my boyfriend that the dress or shirt I'm holding up looks only "Meh" I tell him to shush lol. He's a guy for goodness sakes, they don't get the looks we make like other women do.

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