7 Male Habits We Will Never Understand ...


7 Male Habits We Will Never Understand ...
7 Male Habits We Will Never Understand ...

As women there are many things that we spend a long time pondering over about the opposite sex and their behaviour. The truth is we will never be able to answer why they do the things they do. Here are 7 male habits we will never understand.

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Burping Loudly and Finding It Funny

Burping Loudly and Finding It Funny Photo Credit: Smoochi

Okay so we all burp, it is a natural process but the majority of women try not to do this in public or if we do we make sure it is quiet. A lot of men seem to make their burp as loud as possible and not only do they find it hilarious but the rest of their male friends do too. I have yet to be enlightened by why this is funny.


Shopping for Clothes a Big NO, Shopping for Unnecessary Gadgets YES!

Shopping for Clothes a Big NO, Shopping for Unnecessary Gadgets YES! Photo Credit: Frizztext

How can men spend hours and hours shopping for unnecessary and often expensive gadgets, yet when they hear the words shopping and clothes together they suddenly become deaf? Even if they desperately need a new shirt they will put it off until the very last moment. They will try to get someone else to shop for them or when they do step foot, heaven forbid, into a clothing department they tend to grab the first item they see, buy it and out the door in under five minutes.


D.I.Y and the Inability to Hire a Professional when Necessary

D.I.Y and the Inability to Hire a Professional when Necessary Photo Credit: michaeljosh

Many men even if they know that they are unable to do something, even if they have spent hours trying will refuse to ask for help and hire a professional. In the majority of cases Do-it-Yourself translates to Destroy-it-Yourself, in my opinion if you are struggling ask for help.


I Know Where I Am Going; I do Not Need to Stop

I Know Where I Am Going; I do Not Need to Stop Photo Credit: clay.wells

Ladies how many of you have sat in the car with a man, who is driving, you are blatantly lost as you have driven down the same road now ten times and they still refuse to ask for directions. The only response that you receive is “I know where I am going; I do not need to ask anyone”. In my opinion this can be one of the most frustrating male habits.


Bringing Strange Things Home with Them Whilst Drunk

Bringing Strange Things Home with Them Whilst Drunk Photo Credit: Tomasito.! (Sorry, Soo Busy // No Need to Comment)

For some strange reason when guys go out in groups and have a bit too much to drink they bring home random items, I have never known women to do this. A couple of examples of things that I have known guys to bring home are; a dressing gown that someone had left in a pub, a couple of traffic cones and a random poster.


Inability to Sympathise

Inability to Sympathise Photo Credit: Aliraza Khatri

How is it that when we are feeling ill many men are unable to sympathise, or help out, yet when “man flu” rears its ugly head we are expected to feel sorry for them? Many of us when ill do not expect someone fussing over us but a little bit of help would not go amiss, when man flu appears it is as though they are dying and unable to lift a finger.


Leaving the Toilet Seat up

Leaving the Toilet Seat up Photo Credit: Greg Easton Photography

In most cases men lift the toilet seat up to go to the toilet, so why can they not remember to put the lid down again straight afterwards. It is as though they experience a complete mind blank and forget how things were before they arrived. This only takes a split second to complete and causes a lot less hassle if they have a female partner.

There you have 7 male habits we will never understand and I guess that we just have to learn to deal with that simple fact. Males and females are both very different and I am sure that there are certain things that they do not, and will not ever, understand about us. What annoys you?

Top Photo Credit: Farl

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Lol I understand all of these perfectly. They can be annoying at times, but it's all good.

I don't get this argument that if men don't put the toilet seat down women will end up falling into the bowl. Who doesn't look at something they're about to sit on before sitting on it? The toilet seat is always left up in my house, and I've never fallen ass first into a bowl of cold toilet water. If that's the only argument women have for wanting men to put the toilet seat down, then they have no argument. We could ask you to put the toilet seat up when you're done so we don't pee all over it, but we have enough sense to look where we're peeing before we go. Just let it go. You may not realize it, but men bend over backwards a lot of the time to accommodate women and their sometimes annoying obsessions. The amount of BS we cause you on a daily basis is only a small fraction of what you put us through. Pick your battles, because this is not one worth fighting.

You seem to know a lot of mythical stereotypical men. I have never met a guy who does really much of any of these. I have never even seen any guy do all of these. I have, however, seen this shit in movies or tv shows where the male is a fat dumb idiot with a bitchy "attractive" wife. Maybe you need to meet different guys. Though, women who complain about these pointless things, seem to be really crazy. So, maybe the real men are not interested in your craziness. Actually, I know more women who do all these things.

Rebuttal time. 7. No real excuse for this, but I do have a question for you. Why do many women loudly shriek on a regular basis at the least exciting things, not realizing it's like a knife in our ears? 6. What you see as unnecessary, men see as useful. I have shirts, probably more shirts than any person will ever need. Do you need that 95th pair of shoes? We generally only buy gadgets that we don't already have, and despite you not being able to see it, they usually make our lives better in some way. We really don't care that the shirt you made us buy 3 months ago is out of season. 5. Why is it that women think men are incapable of completing the simplest of tasks? Why pay a plumber $200 dollars to fix the toilet when I can easily do it myself? Don't just assume we're incompetent at a task because you can't see yourself completing it. 4. Did you just Google "Male stereotypes"? While you may feel lost after making the second turn of a journey, you aren't recognizing that men are much better at spatial recognition than women are. Give us a chance, and most times we'll get you where you're going. 3. I'm not even sure how to respond to this. Do you mean teenage boys? I've spent my fair share of time out with the guys getting drunk, and have never seen one of them pick up a random item to bring home. Just because this is a site for women, that does not mean you can just make things up hoping a man will never read it. 2. Wow, yet another make stereotype without a shred of credibility. Are you basing this on all of the relationships you've had with douche bag frat boys, or have you ever been in a relationship with a mature, adult male? 1. And here we go. This has already been covered in most of the other comments here, but this one has always bothered me. Why don't you leave the seat up for us? What makes you so special that you think the toilet should be prepared for you whenever you need to use it. Men don't care if it's up or down when they need to use it. We do what we need to do to so we can do our business, and you can be sure we'd never ask a woman if she could leave the seat up because we're afraid we might pee on it. I've hope you were as patient making it through all 7 of my rebuttals as I was with your original arguments. I also hope you've learned something from them. Stereotyping is never a good idea.

PS: I think that a lot (all?) of this differences are just cultural and don't really have anything to do with the gender. We culturally learn it is that way so it becomes that way.

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