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8 Confessions from Real Guys ...

By Melanie

From time to time, we all have confessions, but we don’t all choose to go in a confession box. Instead, we choose to post them online or send an e-mail to an open confession. Anyhow, these are 8 confessions from real guys. Yes, I have a thing going on where people can send me their confessions. However, the names that are on these confessions are not their real names and I have asked each guy if they mind me using their confession on this blog – they all agreed.

8 Sleazy Guy

When I found out that my best friend had been dating my ex girlfriend (starting as soon as we broke up), I was not happy at all. One day, when we was working out at the gym, there was this hot woman that was talking to the both of us. She seemed very interesting in him. When he went to grab a drink of water, I pulled her to the side and told him what a sleazy guy he was. After that, the girl and I hooked up. -Craig

7 Online Dating

I am a bit overweight – 5’6 and I weight 240 lbs. I was talking to a woman online. She sent a picture that showed me she was way out of my league. Instead of sending her a picture of me, I sent one of my brother. After that, we hit it off. Boy, was I nervous when we met! I had it in my head that I was going to claim I gained weight. Anyhow, I was shocked when I found that she had given a picture of her sister! She was about the same weight as me and had been lying all along. We are now married and have been married for 3 years. -Bill

6 Porn

As I surf the Internet, I come across some pictures of girls I like. I save them in a special folder. Around 2am, after looking through my folder, I headed straight to bed. The next morning, around 7am, my girlfriend knocked on the door. She wanted to use my computer and I wasn’t dressed. So, while I was in the shower, she was on my computer. When I stepped out, I saw her looking through the folder, which I had left open the night before. Oops. -Harold

5 Going down

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My parents were out of town and I had a girlfriend over at my house. As I was going down on her, the door opened wide – surprise – we’re home early! Can you imagine the embarrassment? -Phil

4 Dead Cat

I never thought of myself as a bad guy, until I did what I had to do. I just didn’t want to see my wife crying over her cat. One morning, I noticed her cat, flat as a pancake in the middle of the road. So, what did I do? I buried him real quick and told her the cat ran away. Can you imagine my guilt as she is running around calling his name and posting “lost pet” ads? -Seth

3 Engaged

I met a girl at a bar and I think that was a big mistake. She took me home and we started going at it on her kitchen counter. The door popped open and a big guy stepped in and started yelling at her. I guess I should of known that she was engaged – the ring was laying on the counter the whole time. –Mark

2 Old Jack

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So, I was walking the dog the other night when the dog got lose. Fortunately, I found him before an accident happened. He was chomping on some road kill. I grabbed his leash and we walked back home. He immediately went into the house and started licking my wife on the face. –Eric

1 Best Friend

This one still is not out of the closet, but it has been bothering me for the past 12 years. For 12 years, I have been married to my wife and for 12 years, I have been keeping this secret. I cheated on her the night before her wedding – with her sister, who she happens to be very close to. Yes, I’m a lousy guy and this is my confession. – Anonymous

These 8 confessions from real guys are a bit pitiful, I know. Some make you laugh and some make you cry, while others make you just hit the exit button. You should see the stuff I have to read. So, do you like this post?
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