8 Confessions from Real Guys ...

From time to time, we all have confessions, but we don’t all choose to go in a confession box. Instead, we choose to post them online or send an e-mail to an open confession. Anyhow, these are 8 confessions from real guys. Yes, I have a thing going on where people can send me their confessions. However, the names that are on these confessions are not their real names and I have asked each guy if they mind me using their confession on this blog – they all agreed.

8. Sleazy Guy

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When I found out that my best friend had been dating my ex girlfriend (starting as soon as we broke up), I was not happy at all. One day, when we was working out at the gym, there was this hot woman that was talking to the both of us. She seemed very interesting in him. When he went to grab a drink of water, I pulled her to the side and told him what a sleazy guy he was. After that, the girl and I hooked up. -Craig

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