8 Simple Things Women Want ...


8 Simple Things Women Want ...
8 Simple Things Women Want ...

I don’t think of myself as being a very high-maintenance woman, so I feel the 8 simple things women want that I’ve listed below are very reasonable requests. I think that each of these is perfectly attainable and able to be provided by anyone who truly wishes to fulfill a woman’s needs. See what you think and feel free to add your own ideas!

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I think stability can be provided in numerous ways. There are different forms a stability and not all are necessary to make a woman happy. However, the more types of stability there are the better, in my opinion! Financial stability is often what comes to mind first whenever the word ‘stability’ is mentioned. Not worrying about where my rent money is going to come from is always a good thing.



Being able to trust someone and to know you are trusted is always a great combination. I tend to be the trusting type, until someone does something that causes me to distrust them. Knowing that I can trust someone with my thoughts, feelings, hopes, and dreams is always fantastic.



I don’t know any woman that likes being talked down to and belittled to the point of having no self-esteem left at all. With respect comes a sense of confidence as well. Wanting respect and getting it is an excellent feeling. I think people have to be respectful of others in order to earn respect.



It’s hard to find a truly honest person nowadays. There’s always some little white lie lurking about that tends to lead to bigger and more complicated lies down the way. Being honest shouldn’t be that difficult, but for some people it is. Wanting a little honesty in my life shouldn’t be that big of deal, should it?



I’ve had many moments in my life that are made better with a little chocolate. Okay, let’s make that a lot of chocolate! It’s wonderful how soothing a piece of chocolate can be. Plus, I like the fact that I’m able to fulfill this personal want any time I see fit.



There are varying degrees of friendship in a woman’s life. Some friends are great to have around to make you laugh, others might be excellent listeners, and there are a selected few who can be told every little detail of an event in confidence and the news won’t be spread all over town in a matter of minutes. From what I’ve seen in my own life, as well as in the lives of friends, women tend to have different types of friendships. This variety is necessary to help us through the shear randomness in our lives.



Who doesn’t want to have love in their life? This could be love provided by an adult, a child, or even an animal. I’m thrilled when my dog greets me with all the affection she can muster as I get out of the car at the end of the day. In her own way she’s showing me she loves me, or at least loves the fact that I feed her twice a day and show her some attention.



To me, laughter cures most ills. I find that having plenty of laughter in my life seems to make all things worth while. I personally can’t think of any woman who would turn down the chance to laugh. Most people would rather laugh than be glum or burst into tears. I think this is a very simple want that any woman should be able to easily fulfill on her own. However, it is always a lot more fun when someone else is able to make you laugh, right?

This list of 8 simple thing women want is my personal collection. I’m sure you have your own list of wants that varies slightly. What type of things do you want, as a woman? Do you feel you are able to easily have these wants satisfied or do you have to work hard to get them?

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You speak the truth. Well, maybe excepting the chocolate... I prefer frozen yogurt.

So true...we dont need much though may want huge.

It's simple alright yet hard to achieve everything

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