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5 Things Girls Love ...

By Meream

1 a Gorgeous Dress

This Marchesa goodness is one example. The ruffles, the pleats, the sexy length; I love everything about this dress. Well, perhaps not the price.

2 a Dangerous Boy

Vampires, for instance. Some girls just go gaga over these creatures of the night. If you don't see the appeal, this post if for you.

3 Sexy Lingerie

To give us that sexier strut and confidence, having the right underthings is extremely important. Take a look at this Harlow full busted demi bra for inspiration.

4 Healthy Options

It is hard work to keep our bodies in top shape at all times. But with a salad garden nearby, staying in shape becomes easier. Here are 5 things that you must have in your garden.

5 Fashion Predictions

Pantone has given us the top colors for fall this year. Armed with this information, any girl can stay fashionable all throughout the year.

Us girls love SO MANY things, we know. Tell us, what other things are you loving this week?

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