7 Things a Woman Should Not Give up ...


7 Things a Woman Should Not Give up ...
7 Things a Woman Should Not Give up ...

It seems that many women decide how they live their lives based on their current romantic or committed relationship. This is definitely not true for every woman, but I think many will understand what I’m talking about. Sometimes women, including me, give up many things in their lives just to conform to the life they are trying to have with their partner. I agree that some things like bad habits and vices should be gotten rid when you are trying to build a life. However, there are just some things that you, as a woman, should not give up for your relationship.

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Unless your friends are bad influences, then you should not forget about them despite being in a committed relationship. They have been there for you even before you met your man. They do not deserve to be ditched. You should try to schedule regular bonding time with them.


Source of Income

Source of Income Photo Credit: Darrren Hester

Gone are the days when men were the sole providers and women the ones supported. You should have a source of income that can provide for your needs and wants. You should not rely on a man to put food on the table and to give you the occasional shiny trinket.


Savings Account

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If you have your own savings account, you have better chances of controlling your finances. Always set aside at least 10% of every paycheck you receive to an interest-earning savings account. You need to be prepared for any unforeseen emergencies.


Beliefs and Opinions

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No one can force you to believe anything that does not fit your philosophy in life. And a man who truly loves you won’t ask such a thing of you. Do not give up your beliefs and opinions when you enter a relationship. Your differences don’t make you weak. Instead, they make your life together more interesting.



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Don’t feel compelled to give up your goals especially if you’ve been working on them for a long time. You can be flexible in the execution if needed, but do not give up the things that make you feel successful.



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It is important that you do not completely rely on a man to keep you occupied and happy. Continue to work on your hobbies and interests. Spend some time apart from your partner to do the things you enjoy. If you are happy, everyone around you also feels happy.



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Over time, you will feel like you are becoming more and more like your partner. However, try to have your own distinguishable personality. Do not lose yourself in the sea of “us”, “we”, and “ours”.

Sometimes, the connection you feel with another person is so strong that it is easy to lose yourself and parts of your life to a relationship. The loss is so effectively disguised by the feeling of being one with the person that it goes by unnoticed. I do not have a problem with loving someone truly and passionately. But I think there’s a problem when you lose the things that made you feel happy and complete.

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I really love this post. All the points do matter for us to be a real independent woman.

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