7 Tools Every Woman Needs ...


7 Tools Every Woman Needs ...
7 Tools Every Woman Needs ...

Tools are important. I didn't really realize it even when I first moved out of my parents' house. Now, put two girls in a house without any tools, and arguments are bound to ensue. “Where's the hammer?” “What hammer? We have never had a hammer.” My dad comes to do repairs quite often, and quite often I make sure he conveniently forgets his tools – but I think it's time we got our own. So, here are 7 tools every woman needs. Do you have these hanging around the house?

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Hammer Photo Credit: flight of the troglodyte

Must have. Great for pounding in nails, of course, it is also helpful when you leave the dogs out and they decide to dig up the runner under the door. A hammer is the one thing you can always use, because it's so multifunctional. After all, you can also use it to claw nails out of the wall when you pound them in crooked. Awesome!



Any time you think you're going to be hanging your own shelves and things like that, you need a level. You don't want to end up with lopsided décor. All your pictures and knick knacks will slide off into the floor! You can get a laser level or a regular one, just make sure you have one. They come tiny, too, so that's cool.


Tape Measure

Tape Measure Photo Credit: redjar

Tape measures are just as important as hammers, if not more so. You need them to measure dimensions, doorways, windows. You need them if you're going to buy curtains, blinds, or area rugs. They are easier to use than yardsticks and way more accurate than if you just try to use your own foot as a measuring tool.


Cordless Drill

Cordless Drill Photo Credit:rskura (Pentax Man)

I specify a cordless drill because I don't like cords. I just advise you to keep up with the battery pack. You may think you'll never need this, but trust me, you will. A lot. Like with window treatments. And anyway, it's better to have something and not need it than to need it and not have it.



Which brings me to pliers. If you only want to have one pair around the house, make it a wide pair so you know it'll fit around anything. I just tried to fix a leaky shower head, only to discover that our cute but poorly functional IKEA pliers would not fit around it. Trip to Home Depot ensued!


Adjustable Wrench

This is also important. Again, it's better to have a set, but if you only want one wrench, definitely make it adjustable, and definitely make sure it has a good width. The above problem also occurred with the cute, tiny IKEA wrench. It was adjustable, just not that adjustable.



Screwdrivers Photo Credit: atomicShed

Now, I have a personal recommendation to make. Whether you go to Lowe's, Home Depot, or even Wal-Mart or Target, you can find a plastic case with all kinds of screwdriver fittings to go on a single screwdriver head. Get that! It has every size and shape imaginable, and trust me that at some point, you'll probably use each one of them.

Hand saws and things like that are great, but not nearly as necessary, at least not that I've noticed. You also want to make sure you always have plenty of nails, screws, nuts, bolts, plumber's tape, duct tape, and picture hooks. What tools and home improvement items do you have to have at all times?

Top Photo Credit: dustpanalley

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These are actually tools needed in each and every house and one should know how to use them.

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