19 Things All Women πŸ’― Should Have in Their Purse πŸ‘› on the Daily πŸ“† ...

My bag is like my best friend. It comes with me everywhere and holds all of my secrets. Okay, maybe not my secrets, but if you dumped it I might be embarrassed as to what you find, but I digress. My bag has tons of stuff in it. Some things, like my wallet and keys, are obvious, but what about the other things? These are the 19 things that every woman should have in her bag ...

1. Hand Sanitizer

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At the grocery store I grab a cart that’s been used 100 times and never wiped down. After visiting the ATM I count out my money. When I meet someone new I shake their hand. Every now and then I sneeze into my own hands. For these and so many other reasons, hand sanitizer is a must. It helps protect me as well anyone I come into contact with from spreading yucky germs.

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