9 Items for Your Golf Bag ...

For years, I’ve been begging everyone I know to teach me how to golf. It looks like fun, and it looks relaxing, too, but until last month, I’d never even held a golf club! Now I’m hooked, and I’ve been searching out items to stock my golf bag. If you’re a newbie like me, here are 9 items for your golf bag…

1. Callaway HX Practice Balls

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Price: $11.99 at golfsmith.com
I live in a condo, which means I have to share my green space with lots of neighbors, all nearby. I can still practice m wing without worrying about shattering anyone’s windows or denting anyone’s car with these soft foam practice balls! They’re bright orange, so I can find them easily, no matter where I’ve hit them, and the little mesh bag they come in stores easily and neatly in my golf bag. Perfect!

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