7 Beach Bag Must-Haves ...


7 Beach Bag Must-Haves ...
7 Beach Bag Must-Haves ...

Spending a day on the beach is a great way to relax and have fun! Now that summer's almost over there aren't too many days left to spend on the beach in the warm sun. But we can still make the best of the few days we have left! Here’s a list of 7 beach bag essential items to make sure you have before you dash out the door!

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Water Photo Credit: mbettik

Guzzle that H2o! It will keep you hydrated and energized and it’s really good for your skin, especially if you are tanning. My personal favorite bottled water is Dasani, but any will do. Take a couple of bottles if you plan to be out in the sun all day, that way you don’t drink it all and have to buy more. A great idea is to freeze the bottles the night before so they will stay cold all day, and melt slowly as you drink it!



Sunscreen Photo Credit: dee225

Oh yes! You knew this one was coming didn’t you? That ever so popular SPF that we’ve been warned and preached at about. But it’s true. You don’t want sunburn, and you certainly don’t want any sun damage to your skin so slather it on! If you want a tan without the burn, get some tanning oil. If you apply enough, you’ll be golden brown without a single red spot!


Lip Balm

Lip Balm Photo Credit: Dreaming Magpie

This is my personal, number one must-have at ALL times but especially when I’m out in the sun. The sun tends to dry out and peel your lips so in addition to drinking water, apply a lip balm to keep them soft and moist. Preferably one with SPF if you can find it. My favorite brands of lip balm are Nivea, Palmers cocoa butter, and Burt’s Bees.



Sunglasses Photo Credit: Ricardo Carreon

Your eyes need protection from the sun just as much as any other part of your body. And there are so many ultra cute sunglasses available today! This is one beach essential you simply cannot skip! If you are fashion minded you can find sunglasses to match your swimwear. Or you could have a different pair for each day of the week!



Camera Photo Credit: in2jazz

Now you of course wouldn’t want a fabulous day at the beach with no pictures to remember it by would you? Certainly not! So take your camera but be extra careful not to get sand or water in it. You don’t want to ruin it! You may even be able to get a waterproof camera or a disposable one just for the day. They even have underwater disposable cameras now!



IPod Photo Credit: rickyli99

If you came to the beach alone or if you plan to sun or go for a jog, it’s nice to have a little music! Kick back and take some time to chill out (and heat up!) with your fave tunes and bands. Once again, I do caution you to be careful not to get any water or sand in or on your iPod. You don’t want to mess it up! Invest in some soft ear buds so your ears won’t get sore as well.


A Hoodie

A Hoodie Photo Credit: mildlyfamous

Now that autumn is nearly here, nights are getting cooler and if you plan to stay for a weenie roast or a bonfire on the beach you may want a hoodie to slip on! There may be a slight breeze coming off the ocean and it will be nice to have something to ward it off with. Aeropostale and American Eagle have a lot of super cute, fun hoodies in bright colors. I have a small collection myself; I’m quite addicted to hoodies!

Hope these 7 must-haves for your beach bag helps your day of fun go a lot smoother! You deserve a day to relax and have fun, just make sure you take all the essentials! And just remember, it’s always a good idea to take some money with you, but not too much in case someone runs off with your beach bag! And of course it’s never a good idea to take credit cards or ID cards to a public beach. Hope you have fun enjoying your day in the sun! But before you go, tell me what you keep in your beach bag... anything I left off my list?

Top Photo Credit: sommerdesigns

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A towel and some snacks are pretty good to bring too. Saves you from buying expensive beach snacks when the munchies hit you after swimming.

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