7 Fun Accessories I Keep in My Camera Bag ...


7 Fun Accessories I Keep in My Camera Bag ...
7 Fun Accessories I Keep in My Camera Bag ...

I am a total shutterbug, constantly investing my hard-earned money of goofy camera gadgets. Some are fun, others are pure useless, but of course there’s no way to know for sure unless I try them, right? Well, there’s no reason you can’t benefit from my rather expensive trial-and-error. Here are 7 fun accessories I keep in my camera bag.

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Eye-Fi Wireless Memory Card

Eye-Fi Wireless Memory Card Price: $49.95 to $149.99 at photojojo.com
This is such a brilliant camera accessory! Use this handy little memory card to shoot up to 8 gigs of photos, but then marvel as its Wi-Fi capabilities allow you to transit them to YouTube, Flickr, Facebook and more, all without a USB cord… how convenient!


The Monsterpod

The Monsterpod Price: $30.00 each or $80.00 for 3 at photojojo.com
This is one of the coolest camera accessories I’ve ever used, delivering exactly what it promises — a tripod that sticks to anything, at any angle (even upside down), defying gravity to give you the coolest shots you can imagine. It’s so small it can fit in your pocket, and so gravity-defying, you’ll wonder exactly what it’s made of (a viscoelastic polymer-based material).


Ring Flash Adaptor

Ring Flash Adaptor Price: $40.00 at photojojo.com
Get the soft, even light of a much more expensive flash with this marvelous little ring flash. It attaches to the flash you already have, so you don’t even need to hassle with batteries or cords. It slips right over your lens, giving your subjects a soft, flattering glow, even the hard-to-light macro shots. This is far and away the best $40 I’ve ever spent on a camera accessory!


The Subjektiv Lens Kit

The Subjektiv Lens Kit Price: $249.00 at photojojo.com
Get four special effects lenses in one with this genius little lens kit, made in Germany for both Nikon and Canon DSLR cameras. Play with these to see which of the effects you like best — I love the pinhole lens!


Bottle-Cap Tripod

Bottle-Cap Tripod Price: $10.00 at photojojo.com
Turn any bottle into a tripod with this clever little device. It’s just a little rubber cap that slips over a plastic bottle cap, instantly turning it from a water or soda bottle into a handy tripod. It attaches by a metal tripod screw, so it will fit almost any camera. And did you see the price? Amazing!


Color Lens and Flash Filters

Color Lens and Flash Filters Price: $15.00 at photojojo.com
Anyone who’s ever taken photos at an office party or other even under unflattering fluorescent lights knows just how pale and sickly everyone tends to look. That’s why I adore using colored flash filters… they make any light flattering. This set includes eight filters on one key ring. Protip: use the orange filter for shooting indoors in regular light, and the green one for the unflattering office fluorescent bulbs.


Collapsible Camera Extender

Collapsible Camera Extender Price: $24.95 at photojojo.com
My arms are just too short to take a flattering photo of me and my daughters… I always end up cutting off part of one of our heads, or focusing too much on one nostril. No more! This handy little extender attaches like a tripod, then telescopes out and gives you an additional three feet of range… finally! No more photos of my daughters and my right nostril!

Don’t all of these accessories look like fun? They are, too, especially the flash ring and the filters… I use them all the time! Which of these camera accessories do you like best, and how do you use it? Or is there another fun camera accessory I ought to try? Please let me know!

Top image source: data.whicdn.com

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