8 Best Cricut Scrapbooking Tools ...

I am currently coveting my friend Michelle’s Cricut die-cutting machine. She lets me use it when we’re scrapbooking together, but I truly want my own… though I’m loathe to spend the money on one. They’re expensive, but they’re so… cool! Michelle also has all kinds of tools for her Cricut, all of which she stores neatly in a cute little tote. Does my jealousy stem from the Cricut, or the tote, or a combination of both? You decide. Here are the 8 best Cricut scrapbooking tools. Which makes your heart go pitter-patter?

1. Cricut Create Electronic Cutter

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Price: $329.00 at archiversannex.com
Before you buy the tools, you’ll need the Cricut, right? This one’s fantastic, with so many features, you’ll need to read the booklet before you use it! It’s the same portable size as the Cricut Create with so many cool new features, like the center point and flip functions.

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