The "Best" Quick Car Fixes You'll Ever See ...


The "Best" Quick Car Fixes You'll Ever See ...
The "Best" Quick Car Fixes You'll Ever See ...

I grew up in the back country with a profusion of male family members -- my dad, my grandpa, and more uncles than I can even count -- and scores of handy neighbors, all of whom performed quick fixes on one another's vehicles whenever it was necessary. When it comes to snappy fixes, I'll wrap duct tape around a leaking shower or an exposed cord, wedge anything handy under a sagging closet rod, or use thumbtacks in place of nails, but I'm not very good when it comes to fixing my car. On a routine search looking for tips on fixing a broken side mirror, I came upon a series of pictures that immediately sent me right back home -- and of course I have to share this viral goodness with all y'all!
Don't have time to cover scratches or get a paint job on part of your car? I can attest to the fact that duct tape is available in all kinds of pleasing colors. Matching your paint job comes easier than you might think!
This quick fix could have done with some navy colored duct tape, I think. That might have made it look a little better. Is this even legal?
I don't even know what to say about that, except that you have to admit, something like this takes a lot of imagination!

I don't even know the logistics of these things. Is it legal to drive around with a cardboard spoiler or a CD as your gas cap? I'm still all aboard on the duct tape, though!

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BWAHAHHAAH! That CD as the gas cap is so clever :D

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