8 Cute USB Flash Drives ...

We students know how necessary it is to have a USB flash drive for storing and porting our homework assignments and projects… they make sharing information with other group project members so much simpler than email and Facebook! But though most USB flash drives are dull and strictly utilitarian, there’s no need for them to be! Here are 8 cute USB drives… use one of these instead!

1. Hello Kitty “Fun in Fields” USB Flash Drive

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Price: $24.99 at perpetualkid.com
I love Hello Kitty, and this super-cute USB flash drive featuring her in a field of flowers, too! She’s wearing a pair of blue overalls and her trademark red bow, standing amid tulips in pink and yellow. She’s more than just cute, though — she can hold up to 4GB of photos, music, documents, and more. She’s also pre-loaded with lots of digital Mimory, including wallpapers, avatars, and more!

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