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8 Pretty Table Lamps ...

By Jennifer

Floor lamps and table lamps cast a soft glow in a room, much more flattering than an overhead light. They’re useful in bedrooms and living rooms, where more directional light, for activities like reading, are done. And just the right table lamp can add a pop of color, or a touch of whimsy, to a room’s décor, so I’m always on the lookout for just the right light. I’ve found some very pretty table lamps at one of my favorite home good stores, and here they are! Here are 8 pretty table lamps.

1 Hippity-Hop Lamp

Hippity-Hop LampPrice: $88.00 at
This soft white bone china table lamp would be ideal for a library, or a child’s room or nursery. When unlit, he’s a charming little critter, looking much like a decorative statue; when lit he’s all aglow in soft amber light. Pair him with his matching friend, the squirrel, or alone — either way he’s just as sweet.

2 Well Defined Lamp

Well Defined LampPrice: $388.00 at
A recycled clear glass base and a shade made of repurposed dictionary pages — these two details make this squat table lamp by Stray Dog Designs both beautiful and eco-friendly. It stands two feet tall, ideal for use as a reading lamp in a bedroom or library.

3 Sort Sol Lamp

Sort Sol LampPrice: $298.00 at
While a shade to complete this lamp isn’t included, that doesn’t post a problem, does it? It’s still as lovely, and desirable, regardless, and would look so lovely with a cream-colored or floral-print shade. The base features three papier-mâché birds in pale blue, two clear glass orbs, and atop the lamp, one more tiny birdie, standing guard.

4 Camera Club Lamp

Camera Club LampPrice: $268.00 at
I'm a fan of photography and I knew I had to have this camera inspired lamp the minute I saw it. Right from the tripod with leather covered legs to the rustic shade, this lamp screams sophistication!

5 Cooled Globe Lamp

Cooled Globe LampPrice: $298.00 at
This lamp features three icy blue orbs stacked together to make a sleek, stylish base. Together, they add a frosty cool color to your décor, along with a gorgeous rosy glow (when lit). Add a 16” shade, and the lamp is complete, ready to shine in any of your rooms.

6 One Lump or Two Lamp

One Lump or Two LampPrice: $198.00 at
What an ideal lamp for a sitting room, featuring a porcelain tea set, precariously but cleverly stacked. Add a floral-print shade, pour some tea, and cozy into your favorite armchair for an evening of reading under the glow of this pretty little table lamp.

7 Rock Crystal Lamp

Rock Crystal LampPrice: $2,200.00 at
Bask in the warm glow if this beautiful table lamp, while also delighting in its unique, one-of-a-kind crystalline shape. Each lamp base is made of a chunk of glittering natural quartz, so each one is similar to the rest but truly original. Add a thick linen shade, and the lamp is complete.

8 Coal Flower Lamp

Coal Flower LampPrice: $88.00 at
This sturdy iron lamp is very deco-inspired, with a scalloped edge that resembles flower petals, on a base that looks like a petite pot. It’s small, but bright, ideal for brightening a dim corner of a room, tucking it away on a small table.

There are so many beautiful, unique table lamps here, there’s no reason to want for warm light in any of your rooms! I adore the tea-set lamp; which of these lamps do you like best, and where would you use it?

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