10 Cool and Decorative Bookends ...


10 Cool and Decorative Bookends ...
10 Cool and Decorative Bookends ...

I am big on arranging and rearranging my books. I use my teapots and vintage cameras now to make them look even more interesting but I know I could use some of the following cool and decorative .

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Trading Places Tri0

Trading Places Tri0 Price: $60.81 at amazon

How on Earth did that cat get inside that cage? These are that will surely delight people of all ages. I am a huge cat lover and I am aware that they can be quite curious. But it's looking like this adorable furball was outsmarted by the birds.


Beach Chair

Beach Chair **Price: **$52.39 at amazon

I don't know about you but I have been daydreaming about the beach a lot lately. These cool and decorative will make you yearn of endless summer days, I'm sure. I can smell the ocean just looking at these chairs!


Children Swinging Not Too High

Children Swinging Not Too High **Price: **$44.99 at amazon

Another pair of cool and decorative that will make you think of spending your days doing nothing but relax. Or in this case, swing until you reach the sky. This pair is in oiled bronze finish and measures a little over 6 inches tall.


Chef Bunny

Chef Bunny **Price: **$48.09 at amazon

Perfect for your cookbooks! While I am a kitchen noob, I have to admit that I do like collecting cookbooks. They always have gorgeous pictures and the covers are always so beautifully made. In other words, they are books ideal for showing off. And with this pair of chef bunnies, you'll have a way to display them.



Bicycle Price: $54.23 at amazon

How beautiful are these? The great thing about these bookends is that they will fit in any type of home style. Whether you're going for that modern, mid-century modern, or even shabby chic look, these bookends will be your best friends.


Secret Tree

Secret Tree **Price: **$61.15 at amazon

I like the idea of a secret tree. Perhaps because I love The Secret Garden? I couldn't find a pair of secret garden bookends so these log-themed cool and decorative bookends will have to do. Look at the kids enjoying their secret place! Adorable!


Violin and Sheet Music

Violin and Sheet Music **Price: **$46.63 at amazon

I love listening to music but I can't play an instrument. However, that does not mean that I cannot have this pair of bookends in my home. Beautiful, aren't they? The details are just gorgeous.


Tortoise and Hare

Tortoise and Hare Price: $37.64 at amazon

What better way to plank your books than using two characters from a beloved fable? This pair can be used to display your collection of vintage children's books. Of course, you can also display them sans books. They are beautiful and cute enough to display on their own.


Roman Arch of Constantine

Roman Arch of Constantine **Price: **$44.99 at amazon

Ahh, the ideal bookends for someone who can never resist the call of the horizon (i.e. the temptation brought about by cheap airfares). If you happen to be a couch traveler (like moi), these are great bookends for displaying your books on other countries.


Classic Books

Classic Books Price: $27 at amazon

Cheap, beautiful, and versatile --- what more could you ask for in decorative bookends? Take note, however, that these are only 6 inches high. They will only be perfect for holding your smaller books. But you don't actually have to use them to hold your books; they are great decors on their own.

Hope you guys are all pumped up to do some decorating fun with your books now. Which of these cool and decorative bookends do you like?

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I absolutely love bookends, especially those with unique designs and shapes, but never seem to see much of 'em around. really adore #5 from your list! :)

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