8 Fashionable Notebooks ...

With advances in technology, you may think that the humble notebook is defunct. Why bother carrying around a pen and paper when you can easily jot down notes on your iPhone or a myriad of other tech gadgets, right? But for people like me, nothing will ever beat the good old-fashioned notebook. My personal preference is for stylish notebooks with distinct covers. Take a look at a few fashionable notebooks below.

1. Topshop A5 Tan Embossed Leather Notebook

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Price: $40.00 at us.topshop.com
Leather is a great choice of material for fashionable notebooks. This tan leather notebook is a timeless choice. It features embossing on the covers and has a leather wrap around tie. It is A5 sized and features blank, unlined pages. The blank pages would make it well suited for not only writing, but also drawing and sketching.

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