8 Fashionable Notebooks ...


8 Fashionable Notebooks ...
8 Fashionable Notebooks ...

With advances in technology, you may think that the humble notebook is defunct. Why bother carrying around a pen and paper when you can easily jot down notes on your iPhone or a myriad of other tech gadgets, right? But for people like me, nothing will ever beat the good old-fashioned notebook. My personal preference is for stylish notebooks with distinct covers. Take a look at a few fashionable notebooks below.

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Topshop A5 Tan Embossed Leather Notebook

Topshop A5 Tan Embossed Leather Notebook Price: $40.00 at us.topshop.com
Leather is a great choice of material for fashionable notebooks. This tan leather notebook is a timeless choice. It features embossing on the covers and has a leather wrap around tie. It is A5 sized and features blank, unlined pages. The blank pages would make it well suited for not only writing, but also drawing and sketching.


Mulberry Tudor Zip around Leather Notebook

Mulberry Tudor Zip around Leather Notebook Price: $250.00 at net-a-porter.com
Some designer branded notebooks have the price tag to match. Just take a look at this Mulberry number, for example. At $250 it is definitely ‘pricey’. It features a hot pink zip-around case, refillable white lined notebook, and several internal compartments. The fact that it is refillable and reusable takes a bit of the edge off the high price tag.


Smythson Bright Ideas Notebook

Smythson Bright Ideas Notebook Price: $80.00 at barneys.com
A black notebook is simple and effective. This pocket sized notebook would make a chic addition to any handbag. It has a textured black cover with a gold-stamped ‘bright ideas’ inscription on the front. The pages are lined and it comes with an attached ribbon book mark.


Lanvin Illustrated Bridal Notebook

Lanvin Illustrated Bridal Notebook Price: $40.00 at net-a-porter.com
While advertised as a bridal notebook, I’m sure non-brides would be able to use this as well. The Alber Elvaz illustration on the cover is just oh-so-chic. This notebook has blank pages, a white elasticised strap, and designer signature at the back. It also comes in a paper designer bag for that extra chic touch.


The Fashion Sketch Pad

The Fashion Sketch Pad Price: $18.99 at modcloth.com
This sketch pad is a visual notebook of sorts. Its sole fashion purpose definitely makes it one of the more fashionable notebooks around. It contains 420 figure templates on which you can sketch and imagine up various creations. It also comes with a garment encyclopaedia and glossary to help you along the way.


Marimekko Mini Unikot Red Notebook

Marimekko Mini Unikot Red Notebook Price: $29.00 at crateandbarrel.com
The Marimekko brand is somewhat iconic. This poppy print was designed in 1964 and still proves to be one of the brand’s more popular prints. This fabric covered notebook is a fun and fashionable choice. Document all your happy thoughts in this pop-art inspired notebook.


Topshop A5 Brown Leather Notebook

Topshop A5 Brown Leather Notebook Price: $40.00 at us.topshop.com
Some of the most fashionable notebooks have the simplest designs. This brown leather notebook features a subtle metal insert at the front and has a slightly crinkled appearance. The A5 size is fairly standard and would fit comfortably in most handbags. Customise this notebook by sliding something personal into the metal insert.


Marilyn Mini Notebook

Marilyn Mini Notebook Price: $2.95 at crateandbarrel.com
This fashionable notebook features a fashionable icon. This mini notebook features the iconic Andy Warhol print of Marilyn Monroe. It contains 160 lines pages and comes with an elastic closure. The small size of this notebook makes it handy for stashing in a pocket and then whipping out when needed.

From embossed leather to iconic prints, there are a range of fashionable notebooks to suit all tastes and budgets. A notebook stashed away in your handbag is a handy thing to have. Which of these notebooks to do like best?

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WHOA. I'll stick with $1 notebooks from Target instead of $80 ones from Barney's.

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