10 Items You Never Want to Leave the House without ...

By Jordin

So, after finding myself stuck without items that I’ve needed time and time again, I wondered, “How many other people do the same thing”? These are mostly basic, everyday items that you use often, but it’s surprising how many of us dash out the door thinking we won’t even be gone long enough to need it and then end up wishing we had it! Here’s a list of 10 items to make sure you never leave your house without!

1 Cell Phone

Cell Phone Photo Credit: pinksugarichigo

Yup, the ever trusty cell phone that can do it all these days. Forget the basic phone call, now we can text and IM, chat with 3 people at once, have Skype conversations or surf the web! Never leave home without your phone; you never know what might come up or who you may need to get a hold of!

2 Drivers License or ID

Drivers License or ID Photo Credit: Kimli

Pretty much a no-brainer on this one, but it’s true that a lot of us do tend to leave our wallet at home if we think that we won’t need to drive or buy anything. Don’t do this, really don’t! Emergencies occur all the time and you don’t want to be stuck driving without your license or not being able to help yourself out because you don’t have a form of ID.

3 Money

Money Photo Credit: Gnerk

Even if it’s just a five or ten dollar bill, make sure you take some money with you when you leave your home. Better be safe than sorry and you never know what deals you may stumble across! Some of us use cards, that’s ok too as long as you have some form of money with you. Be prepared!

4 Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer Photo Credit: ifdef

With all the germs and the cold and flu virus going around right now, hand sanitizer is something you NEVER want to be caught without! I carry some in my car and in my purse at all times and use it faithfully. If you have others in the car with you, share! Use after handling money, phones, shopping cart handles, and after sneezing, coughing, using the bathroom, leaving a public place, and before and after eating.

5 Oil Absorbing Sheets

Oil Absorbing Sheets Photo Credit: dieselbug2007

I use these little handy things religiously! I have oily skin, so they come to my rescue mid-day when my face looks like a mirror. Not only do they remove excess oil, they prevent acne. And they don’t rub off your makeup! I prefer these to pressed powder, which just smears the oil over your face and gives you clogged pores and chalky skin.

6 Chapstick

Chapstick Photo Credit: Feeling Croppy

Winter is nearly here now, and with it dry, flaky lips. Ugh! Luckily you can be prepared! Never leave your house without some chapstick in your purse or pocket. Apply it liberally whether you are exposed to the wind or not. Soft, smooth lips will be yours all winter long (to the delight of your man I’m sure!)

7 Feminine Products

Feminine Products Photo Credit: Hygiene Matters

How many times have you been caught out shopping only to realize you weren’t quite prepared for Mother Nature’s visit this month? It’s happened to us all! No matter whether you are “expecting” it or not, always carry a tampon or a pad with you. Even if you don’t use it, you might be a godsend to the lady in the stall next to you who wasn’t as prepared as you are.

8 Gum or Mints

Gum or Mints Photo Credit: bunchofpants

No one wants to have or smell rank breath. Keep it far at bay with gum or mints or mini wisp toothbrushes that you can use and toss. If you don’t like gum or mints, try a breath spray or even regular candy. The options are endless!!

9 Safety Pins

Safety Pins Photo Credit: kevinkpc

These little gadgets have come in quite handy for me on many occasions! A ripped seam, a missing button, a gaping shirt, even a torn bra strap- be prepared for anything! I like to attach a few to my key chain, that way I don’t lose them in the bottomless pit I call my purse.

10 Bandaids

Bandaids Photo Credit: springtree road

Of course none of us like to get hurt, but little cuts and blisters do happen. Carry a few band aids with you in your car or wallet so that if you do happen to find yourself “in a scrape”, you won’t be without a remedy. Bright colored ones are great for kids, so if you’re a mom, it’s a good way to keep their mind off the “boo-boo”.

I’m sure there are many other things I didn’t mention that are handy to have when you’re away from home. It seems like we always carry just the thing that we DON’T need and never have what we DO need! What are some of the items you never leave home without?

Top Photo Credit: limeskittles

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