7 Essential Accessories Every Woman Should Have ...


7 Essential Accessories Every Woman Should Have ...
7 Essential Accessories Every Woman Should Have ...

For a woman to look her best, she needs a few essential accessories that complement most things she wears. These accessories are timeless classics that have been around for a while. They remained popular because they are flattering, feminine and in some cases add a new dimension to an otherwise simple outfit. So without much further ado, here are the 7 essential accessories every woman should have.

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High Heeled Closed Pumps

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A pair of black pumps has to find a place in any woman’s wardrobe. A well-designed closed toe pair goes a long way towards making you look fabulous in whatever you wear. Whether it is combined with a cocktail dress or to jazz up a pair of jeans, these little wonders convert any outfit into a totally fabulous ensemble.


An Oversized Handbag

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There is something about an oversized handbag that makes our arms and waist look tiny. This trend appears to be here to stay and offers a number of benefits apart from looking stylish. They can carry literally everything. So whenever you need to step out with your laptop, a spare diaper or 2 or even a meaty novel, you know where to stash it – in your oversized handbag.


A Pair of Dangling Silver Earrings

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Dangling silver earrings go with practically everything and make you look more feminine and girly. If you pick a pair of hoops, you will probably find yourself wearing them every other day. They suit every face cut, hairstyle and clothing choice. Plus more than anything, guys love them.


Black Wrap

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A black wrap finds itself into this list of 7 essential accessories for one important reason – to offer an alternative to hiding your fantastic cocktail dress under a thick jacket. Yes, you need to keep warm so the versatile black wrap does the job and after a few drinks, can be neatly folded up into your purse.


Colored Scarf

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A scarf, particularly a colorful one, can provide a new dimension to a regular outfit. Say for example, you are wearing a white fitted shirt with a pair of jeans; add a purple scarf and suddenly you go from ordinary to striking. Keep a few in your closet and make it seem like you have literally hundreds of outfits.


Ballet Flats

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Ballet flats hit the scene sometime this decade and definitely find a place in this list of essential accessories. They are comfortable, cute and girly, complementing almost every outfit. At the end of the day, we can’t spend all our time in sexy painful shoes but we still want to look our best. Ballet flats offer the perfect solution.


A Couple of Belts

A Couple of Belts Image source: s3prod.weheartit.netdna-cdn.com

One thin and one broad belt should find a place in every woman’s wardrobe. They are sexy, stylish and most importantly accentuate the waist. They can add some personality to a more ordinary outfit, if you feel the need to make your dress more you.

One must never undermine the power of a well-accessorized outfit. These 7 essential accessories are definite must-have as they can literally transform your otherwise monotonous closet into a stylish and enviable one.

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What about some great pairs of black tights???

Please stop misusing "literally".

I am proud to say that I own every item on this list! The black pumps I own for 'clubbin' however, I refuse to wear them at any other time LOL. Love the flats though! Another good one to add is a Black Blazer and a good dark wash jean or legging.

I have them all, but unfortunately I look awful in flats:(

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