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8 Must Haves in Your Vanity Bag ...

By Mercy

A vanity bag is your bag of tricks when you want to get ready in a hurry. If you are traveling, your vanity case should carry all the essentials you are likely to need. While many ingredients of a vanity case differ based on different people’s priorities and styles, here is a list of must haves in your vanity bag.

Table of contents:

  1. a bottle of hand sanitizer
  2. a packet of soft tissues
  3. a bottle of makeup cleanser
  4. a bottle of moisturizer
  5. a tinted lip balm or lip gloss
  6. a bottle of face wash
  7. a small bottle of perfume
  8. a little bit of jewelry

1 A Bottle of Hand Sanitizer

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You never know when you may need to apply or refresh your makeup. If at that time washing your hands is not an option, you may end up applying makeup on your face with dirty fingers. That is why a small bottle of hand sanitizer is a must have in a vanity bag.

2 A Packet of Soft Tissues

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You may need to clean off the makeup you have previously applied when you are reapplying your makeup. Or you may make a mistake while handling liquid products that may need cleaning. In such cases, a packet of soft tissues is very handy.

3 A Bottle of Makeup Cleanser

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As mentioned above, when you need to clean off your previously applied makeup or rectify a mistake you may have made with liquid makeup, a bottle of makeup cleanser in your vanity bag will be your lifesaver.

4 A Bottle of Moisturizer

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It is always a good idea to moisturize your face before you apply your makeup. This helps the skin remain elastic and will prevent the makeup from looking caked. Wash your face before you apply moisturizer and then proceed to apply your makeup.

5 A Tinted Lip Balm or Lip Gloss

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If you suffer from chapped lips, this is definitely a must have for your vanity bag. Even if you don’t have chapped lips, applying a lip gloss or balm before applying lipstick will help give your lips a fuller and moist look.

6 A Bottle of Face Wash

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If it is possible for you to access running water, it is best that you wash your face before you apply makeup. This will help in cleaning away all the dirt and grime that may have been deposited on the skin.

7 A Small Bottle of Perfume

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A good fragrance is just as important to creating a good impression as good makeup. If you are likely to be traveling, it is even more important that you apply a little perfume to take away all the unsavory travel smell and replace it with something fragrant and refreshing.

8 A Little Bit of Jewelry

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A little bit of jewelry in a vanity bag is always a good idea. Choose items that are likely to fit in with the clothes you are wearing or carrying with you. You can easily change your jewelry wherever you may be and this will help create a great overall effect.

Apart from these must haves in your vanity bag, you can choose any makeup items that you use. These can include blushes, eye makeup like liner, mascara and eye shadow, different shades of lipstick, foundation, etc. depending on your personal tastes and preferences.

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