7 Things You Have to Check in Your Make up Bag ...


7 Things You Have to Check in Your Make up Bag ...
7 Things You Have to Check in Your Make up Bag ...

Debenhams recently conducted a study about women and theirmakeup bags. 89% of them admitted that they haven’t cleaned out their make up in over a year, and had no idea about the germs make up can harbour and when to throw it out. I’ve been researching when you should clean out yours, and here’s a list of the seven things you should check for...

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Lipstick Ever noticed that your old favorite lipstick suddenly starts to dry your lips out? Keep wearing it, and they’ll soon be blistered, irritated and very dry. A key sign that your lipstick is going old is when it starts to change colour slightly, or feels a bit scratchy when you apply it. High quality lipsticks should last around 9 months as a minimum, so keep an eye on yours after then.



Mascara After four months, your mascara will start to look dry and crusty. This is partly caused by micro organisms sucking the moisture out. Then you’ll start to get eye infections and red, itchy eyes. To avoid this, try to buy a new mascara every four months, and don’t pump your mascara, as this pushes germs back into the tube.



Brushes Photo Credit: Peanuts_Photography

72% of women never wash their make up brushes, meaning all your oil, skin cells, make up and any dust or reminents from inside your make up bag coat the top, and cover your skin everytime you use them. Uncleaned make up brushes can harbour some really horrible germs, including herpes, ringworm and impetigo... wash them once a week with baby shampoo, and you’ll really lengthen their life.



Foundation Photo Credit: JennKstep

Once your foundationbecomes watery and seperates, its time to throw it away. The preservatives in it have broken down at this stage, and it becomes the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Foundation also has use by dates, so check this to make sure you don’t use it after, as this can lead to horrible skin rashes.



Concealer Photo Credit: sweetlibertinecosmetics

If you useconcealer to cover spots, make sure you wipe the end of your brush with a tissue and wash it as soon as possible. If you don’t, you’ll spread the spot germs around your face, which could make you break out and gives them chance to breed in your concealer.


Eye Infections

Eye Infections Photo Credit: Mlle Mathilde

If you’ve got an eye infection, don’t useeye liner, eye shadow or mascara. The germs spread super fast, and contaminating your make up will guarantee you get the infection back! It’s also proven to slow down recovery, so keep your eyes clear and rock thenatural lookinstead.


Lip Care

Lip Care If you have a cold sore, avoid using lipstick or lipgloss, to avoid spreading bacteria and speed up healing. Regularly sharpen your lip pencils and clean your lip brushes every week. This keeps them clean and healthy. Replace them every 18 months for best results.

I was shocked to discover what could be hiding in my make up bag, and have to admit that I can’t remember how old some of my make up is. It’s not worth risking, though, so I’ll be investing in some more, and writing down when I got it and when it needs to be replaced. I don’t want to catch anything! And remember that sharingmake up is a bad idea too. Have you got a tip for make up bag hygiene? Please let me know!

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always have lipcare! they're the most effective way to get healthy lips(:!

thats great but wat if u havent even used some of ur makeup? like i have 3 tubes of mascara 2 witch i havent even oppened up would it still matter?same with the other things like foundation and eyeshadow stuff... i dont wear makeup much cuz i go to a private school were they don't allow makeup:( so i dont get alot of chances to weare makeup, so most of my makeup never gets used. thanks

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