7 Things You Have to Check in Your Make up Bag ...

Debenhams recently conducted a study about women and theirmakeup bags. 89% of them admitted that they haven’t cleaned out their make up in over a year, and had no idea about the germs make up can harbour and when to throw it out. I’ve been researching when you should clean out yours, and here’s a list of the seven things you should check for...

1. Lipstick

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Ever noticed that your old favorite lipstick suddenly starts to dry your lips out? Keep wearing it, and they’ll soon be blistered, irritated and very dry. A key sign that your lipstick is going old is when it starts to change colour slightly, or feels a bit scratchy when you apply it. High quality lipsticks should last around 9 months as a minimum, so keep an eye on yours after then.

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