7 Things to do with Your Eyebrows ...


7 Things to do with Your Eyebrows ...
7 Things to do with Your Eyebrows ...

I am obsessed with my eyebrows. I have been since the first time I got them waxed, back when I was sixteen. I went a little crazy with it there for a while and almost lost them. I've pierced them, disfigured them, and neglected them, yet they're still doing pretty well for me now. Of course, they have their days, and these are some of the things about doing to them when they're really giving me the dickens.

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Pluck Them

Pluck Them Photo Credit: mivox

This hurts so bad but it's the best thing to do in a pinch and between waxes. I hate it though. Lots of times I have to do it hardcore because I just don't feel like getting my eyebrows waxed. I'd take that kind of pain all day over this tedious, painstaking choice.


Wax Them

Wax Them Photo Credit: fishgirl7

My removal method of choice, but not too often. I'm not going to go crazy over the whole thing and end up with no eyebrows. My wax girl gave me a tip: exfoliate your eyebrows a few days before you get them waxed. That can also make stray hairs easier and more painless to pluck.


Thread Them

Thread Them Photo Credit: Gerry Visco

I've never tried this myself, so experiences are welcome! Amusingly enough, one of the girls who waxed me recommended this method instead, and steered me toward a threading place in the mall. I didn't go though. This technique seems like it would be so painful.


Bleach Them

Bleach Them Photo Credit: JillOW

It's an extreme choice, but a lot of people make it. Tyra Banks makes it all the time. Of course, she makes it for her models rather than herself. You know what? Because it looks weird!


Shave Them

Shave Them Photo Credit: ansy

This is another extreme measure, but people do this every day. I shaved off a hunk once by accident. I was 11 at the time, though, and all I knew was that I did not like the unibrow that was suddenly popping up on my forehead.


Pencil Them

Pencil Them Photo Credit: verypink

Many people draw in the eyebrow shapes they want. Sometimes they bleach or shave their eyebrows just so they can do this. If you have very fair eyebrows, you can do this as well. Or getting them tattooed on is always an option as well.


Let Them Grow

Let Them Grow Photo Credit: Cerisse ?

If I'm not mistaken, fuller, thicker eyebrows are currently in vogue again, competing against non-existent eyebrows. You could always quit waxing, plucking, or threading altogether. I like bold brows myself – but mildly so. They shouldn't take up half a girl's forehead!

I actually spent quite a while today plucking stray hairs. I still have sore spots! What do you do with your eyebrows? How do you soothe them after?

Top Photo Credit: Turukhtan

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i always go for threading them. it badly pained the first time but the pain reduced as i got it done that way again and again. now its very normal, hurts just a little..

LUCKILY, I'm blessed to have eyebrows that naturally have good shape and aren't too thick or too thin. The only thing that bugs me though is the ends begin to curl in, so they look nasty from the bottom sometimes. All I have to do is trim them though, easy as pie AND free. I recommend it for anyone.

When she said shave them I think I almost had a heart attack .. Who would ever shave there eyebrows .. That's like the heart of the face

I don't understand what threading eyebrows is all about. Can somebody explain me, please?

Waxing your eyebrows actually causes wrinkles after a while. My choice of weapon is plucking them or threading them. I thread them myself at home to, it is easy. =)

THREADING KILLS! :O The first time i got it done, i cried. Never again...

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