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Just as clothing styles change every season, so do makeup trends. I am focusing on eyeshadow looks because so many women, myself included, are always looking to bring out their eyes. Plus, there are some really gorgeous looks going around this season. Check out these 7 dramatic eyeshadow looks for winter, and see if you don't agree.

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Ice Queens


Icy shades, particularly icy, frosty pastels, are very in this winter. Their most dramatic variations involve using no eyeliner, or very little of it, and focusing on a dark mascara instead. Think of an icy pink or lavender shade frosting lightly over your upper eyelid, complemented and contrasted with dark lashes!


Boldly Blue


Although I don't think I could carry it off myself, blue is a hugely popular eyeshadow color this season. And the more boldly you layer it on, the better. Shades like cobalt, dark cerulean, and bold royal blues will make your eyes pop – if you're brave enough to go there! If so, make sure that the rest of your makeup is understated.


Glamorously Green


You have to do that with this look as well, because green is in too. Now, I remember way back when, light greens were in, light frosted greens at that, and the look was … not cool. This season, however, bolder is better. Bright emerald greens, hunters, even chartreuse with a hint of gold – and in fact, mixing it with a little gold dust is all good.


Perfectly Pink


Burgundy, blush, shell pink, mauve: you'll see all of these and more highlighting eyes this season. A medium shade on the lid, a darker shade in the crease, and a lighter, barely there shade along the line of the brow line creates a look that is both dramatic and highly feminine.


'80s Glam


Oh, you read that right. I could never pull this off, perhaps because I used to try to when I was very young, and always ended up looking ridiculous. However, bright colors, bold lines, and lots of dark eyeliner complete this look. But please, for the love of all that is stylish! If you go this route then, again, don't go all Grace Jones on the rest of your face!


Glitter in Gold


Gold dust shadows are all the rage this winter, and the look is actually gorgeous. I'm not the hugest fan of gold – jewelry, clothing, shoes, et cetera – but eyeshadow, I somehow don't mind. You can go all out here. Again, stay away from eyeliner, you can drop the mascara if you want as well (although bold black eyelashes will also work), and simply brush your upper and your lower lids with a pretty gold shadow. Dust works very well with this look. You can even copy the runways, and swipe some over your eyebrows!


Blackmetal Beauty


For a really bold, really dramatic look, black eyeshadow is becoming more and more popular. You can use it as a shadow or an eyeliner, but try to look for shadows that have a little silver slicked in as well – or just slick it on yourself!

I'll grant you that all of these looks are dramatic, but I think some of them just would not look good on my face. Have you ever come across a makeup trend you really love, but discover it looks awful on you? Which one was it?

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I absolutely love all of em' : ) Even the ones that I wouldn't wear on a regular basis I'd try out for special events. I'm extremely pale with brown eyes so I got lucky and a lot of things match work well for me. Though as everyone else stated not sure I'd be able to pull off that dramatic of a black.

My all time fav...glamorous green.

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