7 Tips to Shape Your Brows like a Pro ...


7 Tips to Shape Your Brows like a Pro ...
7 Tips to Shape Your Brows like a Pro ...

Perfectly groomed eyebrows are hot property these days, and as a result specialised eyebrow parlours are springing up more and more frequently worldwide. While these beauty pros are sure to give your brows the manicure of their life, the treatment isn’t likely to come cheap. But ladies, don’t stress: I’ve put together a guide to getting perfect brows and it comes straight from the salon.

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The Professional Blueprint

The Professional Blueprint Photo Credit: thebrowhouse

While it is easy to give your own brows a thorough manicure, I do recommend that you visit a salon at least once to begin with. The beauty pro will pluck your eyebrows into the correct shape and this will then act as a blueprint for you to copy afterwards.


Choose Your Method

Choose Your Method Photo Credit: Lodewijk van Doorn

Basically girls, if you’re doing your brows at home, you can choose between either waxing or plucking. I strongly suggest you stay away from home brow wax kits and stick to tweezing – unless you’re an absolute eyebrow genius that is.


Assemble Your Kit

Photo Credit: bangbangsheshoots.blogspot.com

If you’re plucking, ladies, and I’m going to assume that you are, you’ll need a good sharp pair of tweezers, a white eyeliner for marking and a eyebrow brush. If you don’t have one of these last, you can also use a tooth brush or a thoroughly cleaned mascara wand.


Mark out the Territory

Mark out the Territory Photo Credit: cynthias-makeup.blogspot.com

Now ladies, this is probably the trickiest part of the entire process. Take a pencil and hold it against your right nostril so that it points directly upwards: it will be resting on the point where your brow will begin. Mark this place with the white eyeliner. Now, with the pencil still against your right nostril, hold it diagonally so that it cuts across the middle of your iris: it will be resting where the highest point in the arc of your brow should be. Mark this place as you did the previous one. Finally, keeping the pencil against your right nostril, rotate it so that it touches the outer corner of your eye. It will rest at the place where your brow should end. Mark, and repeat this process on the left.


Prepare the Area

Photo Credit: punchstock.com

Make sure your brow area is clean and make up free before you begin with your plucking. Wipe with a cleanser, and if you have one, spritz the skin with a gentle numbing agent like the kind used on your legs before waxing.



Tweeze! Photo Credit: ibeamee

Using your markers as a guideline, and in front of a very well lit mirror, begin to pluck the stray brow hairs one by one. Go slowly; don’t rip out giant chunks all at once, and once you have neatened up the shape beneath your eyebrow, pluck any of the hairs roaming above it.


Trim if Necessary

Trim if Necessary Photo Credit: petitelefant.com

If your brows are little on the long side and doing that weird unkempt, old-man thing, take the brush and comb small sections vertically upwards. With a pair of cuticle scissors, carefully trim any longer brow hairs, taking care all the time not to lop off too much –you don’t want to have gone through all the trouble of measuring and plucking just to remove your hard work with the scissors! Once you’re done, apply a soothing moisturiser to the plucked skin to avoid red, puffy weals from developing.

These are my tips for beautifully groomed brows, girls. Do you have any of your own? Don’t be selfish, ladies; share your beauty secrets!

Top image source: yaacool-beauty.de

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I use tweezers all the way!

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