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7 Tips for Perfectly Groomed Eyebrows ...

By Alison

Whatever else I may lack, I was certainly blessed in the eyebrow department. In fact, they are a little too generous, and because they are dark I have to do a LOT of plucking. It’s true that a well-shaped pair of eyebrows frame your eyes and look neat, so here are my tips on avoiding caterpillar brows... here are 7 tips for perfectly groomed eyebrows...

Table of contents:

  1. regularity
  2. expert hands
  3. shadow
  4. little by little
  5. no rush
  6. hold still
  7. stencil

1 Regularity

I find it a lot easier to keep my brows under control if I pluck them regularly. Leave it too long and it becomes a major job! Giving them a regular ‘pruning’ makes it a lot easier to maintain the shape and means that each time they require only a little attention to tidy them up.

2 Expert Hands

Go to a salon and get your brows professionally plucked. This is particularly useful if you find it more difficult to pluck one side than the other (being right-handed means that the left brow is easier than the right for me). A professional can look at you more easily to see how things are progressing. The ancient Indian art of threading is extremely effective – if a little eye-watering.

3 Shadow

Photo Credit: * Pichu *

A common mistake, if you have thin brows, is to fill them in with a dark, heavy pencil. This invariably looks excessive, so unless you like the Groucho Marx look use a light pencil and a light hand. Another method recommended by makeup artists is to use a fine brush and an eyeshadow slightly lighter than the colour of your brows.

4 Little by Little

Photo Credit: MaddieTheClementine

If you need to pluck, then take it slowly. Never rush, so that you don’t end up plucking more than you intended! Remember that it’s a lot easier to remove something than to put it back. Working slowly means that you can stop and check how your brows look, and where the hairs need to be removed.

5 No Rush

Photo Credit: Sash´s Kitchen-Studio Photography

Never hurry when you are plucking your eyebrows - mistakes can only be undone with time! Pluck too many hairs, and you risk doing the same with the second brow, then going back to take more off the first, and so on …

6 Hold Still

Photo Credit: kohlindo

If your brows have a tendency to get a bit, well disorganised, like mine, then they need to be kept under control! A touch of Vaseline and a brow comb will soon teach them who’s in charge. You really do only need a tiny bit of Vaseline though, to avoid looking too shiny.

7 Stencil

Photo Credit: Horia Varlan

If you really have trouble getting a good shape, then you can buy one of the brow stencils on the market. Simply stick one over your brow, and pluck the hairs around it.

It really is worth maintaining your brows, as a good, tidy shape shows off your eyes and gives your face a smart, groomed appearance. There are plenty of ways to get great brows, and spending a little time looking after them will pay off by helping to create the basis for your makeup. Do you have any other tips to share for perfectly groomed brows?

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