7 Makeup Tips for Girls ...


7 Makeup Tips for Girls ...
7 Makeup Tips for Girls ...

Isn't it awesome being a teenager? It's the time when you get to experiment and play around with color and texture and find the look that suits you! Here are 7 great makeup tips for girls in their teens!

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Don't "Cake" It on

Don't "Cake" It on Photo Credit: kuwaitbutterfly

If there's one thing I had to learn the hard way, it's how much makeup to wear! When I first started wearing makeup at 13, I was excited and eager to wear it every day, but I often got over-zealous and applied way more than I really needed. Let your natural beauty shine through and only apply enough to enhance what you've already got!


Learn How to Apply Makeup

Learn How to Apply Makeup Photo Credit: Lightscapes

Find someone you can watch apply their makeup and pick up tips and tricks from. My mom taught me everything I know about makeup and I also got to watch my older sister apply her makeup as well. If you don't have someone who can teach you how to apply make-up, check out Bobbi Browns book of teenage beauty. She has some great tips and techniques for teens!


Know Which Items to "Skimp" on

Know Which Items to "Skimp" on Photo Credit: agentangel

When you first start wearing make-up, you may not have a lot and it's tempting to go out and spend all your money on makeup right away. Usually, we go from one extreme or the other- buying a lot of expensive makeup or a lot of cheap makeup. There's actually a good balance. Things like concealer, mascara and blush are items you should buy in a nicer brand like Revlon, Covergirl or Neutrogena. But things like lip-gloss, nail polish, eye shadow and colored eyeliner, the "fun" stuff, you can buy in cheaper brands like LA colors or NYC. These are fun to play around with and when you find colors that work for you, save your money and buy them in nicer brands.


Go with Younger Trends

Go with Younger Trends Photo Credit: true charisma

You are young and your skin is healthy and radiant. So there's no need to wear foundation! If you have acne or want a little coverage for special occasions, try a tinted moisturizer. Other things to skip are lip liner, (young lips don't need it!) lipstick, (go for gloss instead) heavy eyeliner, and dark eyeshadows.


Take It off

Take It off Photo Credit: AndreJenny.com

I must stress the importance of removing your makeup each night. I have never, ever, EVER gone to bed without washing my face since I have begun wearing makeup. You don't need makeup remover, a mild facial wash does the same job, and it cleanses your skin at the same time. You will be glad you follow my advice on this one!


Focus on One Feature

Focus on One Feature Photo Credit: Mineral Magic

Do you have gorgeous lips? Expressive eyes? Rosy cheeks? Find your best feature and play it up! Don't try to do a smoky eye with a bright red lip. Balance out a bright eye shadow with a nude gloss or a berry lip stain with nothing more than mascara and a touch of blush. You don't want to look like you tried too hard!



Experiment Photo Credit: Mineral Magic

Don't be afraid to play around and experiment. Compromise! If you don't like red lipstick, lightly apply some and blot it off, then apply clear gloss. Viola! You've created a see-through red tint. Instead of black eye shadow, go for a sheer gray one. Instead of green eye shadow, try a green eyeliner on the top and a black liner on the bottom. You see what I mean? There are lots of variations if you are willing to try!

You will love learning how to apply and wear makeup! Start good habits and learn helpful advice now and you will follow through with it all your life. You will be a pro at applying makeup in no time flat!

Top Photo Credit: Lady Pandacat von Nopants

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To go along with the second tip, you can always watch videos on Youtube. There are hundreds of "Gurus" that have great tips and tutorials for makeup lovers. Just search what you are looking for in the Youtube search box.

Great tips for makeup lovers like me.

The tips about the brands to buy from on #3 was very helpful. I always wondered which brands to buy from. :)

How do I put eyeliner on the top of my eye?

Haha Lolly, your comment made me laugh :D

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