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10 Prom Make up Tips ...

By Kati

Prom is so exciting! I remember planning my prom dress, my hair, my jewelry...the hardest thing to plan - even harder than your prom date, I think - though, is perfect prom makeup! Do you choose smoky eyes or bright lips or go with an understated look? It’s a mine field! I’ve gathered my favourite prom makeup tips to ensure you look like a star in your photos!

1 Pick Your Eyes or Your Mouth

Clear your diary for an hour, and wash your face. That's the first step in any prom makeup routine. Then apply your eye makeup really carefully, and keep your lips understated with a clear gloss. If you aren’t sure on eye makeup colour, choose your favourite at the moment, since you can always change it later! Then take a picture. Wipe your face, and give it five minutes to dry and calm down. Then apply minimal eye makeup, and focus on your lips. Avoid brown lipstick, and try different pinks and reds. Take a picture again! Use these to decide whether you want to focus on your eyes or your lips, and to choose colours!

2 Perfect Your Skin

The next step is to make sure your skin looks flawless! Very few girls under 25 need to use all over foundation, but it’s useful to have some that matches your skin tone for emergencies! If you don’t have any, head down to your nearest department store or Sephora. The staff are always happy to help and will let you try on plenty of colours and brands until you find one you love. Then practice applying the foundation to problem areas with concealer, to give you an even and flawless skin tone. Remember to blend!

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3 Dark Outer Corner

This is a gorgeous look, and one of my favorite prom makeup ideas, that perfectly accents your natural beauty and will look divine in your prom photos. Start by making sure skin is in good condition, and the eye area is clean. Using a small brush, apply the lightest shade to the corner of the eye, and a thin line just below the eyebrow. Then apply the medium shade to middle of your eye, blending it into the outer corner, and the darkest tone to the very outside corner. Apply a thin layer of eye liner to the top eyelid only, and apply mascara. Gorgeous!

4 Dramatic Eye Shadow

With the small brush, apply the lightest shade of shadow to the corner and middle of the eye, up to just below the eyebrow. Apply the medium hue to the eye lid, crease and below the lightest colour, just under the eyebrow. Apply the darkest hue to the outer corner, over the medium, as this helps it to stick better. Then apply a thin layer of eye liner from the middle of your eye to the corner, and apply either mascara or false eyelashes to finish the look! Keep all other make up minimal, and stick to simplistic jewelry with your dress.

5 Natural Look

It’s important that the eye shadows match your skin colour closely for this natural prom makeup look! Pick the medium hue, and apply to the whole eyelid. Apply the darkest eyeshadow to the corners, blending towards the middle and into the crease, and apply the lightest to the very middle of the eyelid, giving it a polished, 3D finish. Then apply a layer of mascara, and some lip colour. Gorgeous!

6 Cat Eyes

This is a hard look to master, but it’s so worth it! Use the pale grey liner to outline the cat eye shape and perfect them. Make sure they match! Wet the grey eye shadow and apply it into the shape, making sure you stay within the lines. Then sharpen the edges with eye liner, and apply black eyeliner to the bottom lashes. Add mascara, and you’re good to go! Just remember to keep your other makeup understated or you’ll look too overdone!

7 Rosy Fresh Cheeks

You need flawless skin for this, so apply foundation to blemishes and any uneven skin patches. If you have any marks that foundation won’t cover, use concealer. Then apply creamy blush in to the roses of your cheeks, blending outwards. Finish this prom makeup look by applying mascara to your lashes, above and below, and complete your look with the lip gloss in a pretty pink shade!

8 Glittery Glam

If you want a bit of sparkle in your look, it’s important to incorporate it carefully to stop you looking young and overdone! Begin by blending brown eye shadow across your eyelid, and using glittery eyeliner to draw a thick line above your lashes. Make sure it’s dry before you open your eyes! Apply two coats of mascara and make sure your eyebrows are looking tidy, and then apply creamy blush to your cheeks. Complete the look with a slightly sparkly lip gloss, and a big smile! This is one of the best prom makeup tips because the glitter will really stand out under the lights on the dance floor.

9 Simple Matte Makeup

Let your dress do the talking in this beautiful but low-maintenance look! Begin by lining your eyes with a thin layer of brown eyeliner, and applying a small amount of cream eyeshadow to the middle of your eyelids. Apply mascara, adding extra to the corners of your eyes to make your eyes pop, and finish by applying powder blush and matte lipstick. This is my favourite prom look! It really does show off your natural beauty and looks great in photographs!

10 Red Lips

Some people love red lipstick so if you’ve set your heart on wearing it to prom, here’s my guide to getting it right. Keep your eyes very simple, using just mascara and if really necessary, false eyelashes. They need to look defined, but natural. Then apply foundation to any areas of your skin that aren’t even, and apply blush to your cheeks. Use the different red lipsticks, usually the darkest colour is in the corners of the lips, with a lighter shade in the middle. Make sure that the colours suit you, and if you aren’t sure, test some at a department store and buy the best two. Don’t use gloss, as this will cheapen the look, and instead just blot on a tissue and you are ready to go!

Now your make up is sorted, it’s time to pick matching jewelry, paint your nails and make sure you drink enough water and get enough sleep! That will make sure you look your best on the day, and are eye catching for all the right reasons! Have you got a prom look you love? Please share it with me!

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