8 Tips on How to Wear the Candy Make up Trend ...

I love the candy make up trend! It’s so different from the usual trends, and it’s so much fun to wear! Candy colours can’t fail to make you smile, and the colours tend to be flattering and make skin look radiant, too. The problem? If you get it wrong, you risk looking like a child whose been playing with Mummy’s make up, so I’ve been testing it out, and here are my top tips for wearing the candy make up trend...

1. Choose an Area

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Photo Credit: ♥♡Queen Cleopatra♥♡

Pick an area of your face to play up. For this look, I’d recommend choosing from the eyes, lips or cheeks. It is possible to play up one area and highlight another, but to play it safe, its best to choose one area and keep the rest natural. This ensures a sexy, rather then childish, look.

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