7 Best YouTube Make-up Tutorials ...


7 Best YouTube Make-up Tutorials ...
7 Best YouTube Make-up Tutorials ...

I am not the best when it comes to applying makeup. It’s hard sometimes getting to the MAC counter for tutorials. Here are some of the best makeup tutorial channels to guide you to looking beautiful! The best part? You can watch them anytime on YouTube!

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AshleyVictoria – Daytime Makeup Look: Wearable Smokey Eye

AshleyVictoria is very thorough with her tutorials. She gives you a list of the products that she uses and shows you step by step how to achieve the looks in her tutorials. This is my favorite tutorial done by her, I’ve always wanted to know how to achieve the smoky eye lookwithout looking beat up!


MakeUpGeek – Colorful Arabic Makeup

MakeUpGeek is my absolute favoritest YouTube makeup channel! Marlena is thorough and precise. Her presentation of all her tutorials makes you feel like you know her and that she knows you. I like this particular tutorial because she recreated the Arabic Middle Eastern look very well. This would look great with yourfabulous LBD and some sexy heels on your night out.


MakeUPGeek - Alicia Keys Inspired Makeup

This tutorial is amazing. The colors she used to duplicate Alicia’s look were perfect! Step by step easy instructions that help you to recreate this look on your own. You just can't go wrong with all these makeup tips.


KomplexxBlends - Wanna Drag Race?

If you’re looking to be really dramatic,bold eyeset all with your makeup this is the channel for you. In this particular tutorial she shows how to create the perfect drag look. If you’re into costume make up she shows you step by step to achieve the look without looking like you have too much make-up on your face.


PrettysecretAZ - Smokey Purple Glitter Eye Makeup

In this step by step she shows you how to create purple smoky, absolutely beautiful eyes. I find it hard to create a smokey eye with any other colors other than black or brown. This tutorial was a big help. After doing these techniques I can do the smokey eye with just about any eyeshadowcolor! Fun!


MakeupbyTiffanyD - Summer Coral Makeup Tutorial

I like this tutorial because it’s such an everyday look! You can take this look from daytime to nighttime. And coral is such a hot color this summer!


JLovesMAc1 - Applying Make-up for Beginners/the Basics!

This YouTube channel consists of reviews of different makeup products. She takes you step by step of what products she uses to make her skin look flawless and also the products she likes the best just in case you are unsure of what make-up is the best brand.

Do you have a favorite YouTube makeup channel? Will you try any of the above looks on yourself? Please let me know!

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these videos are def helpful..but if you know Blair AKA juicystar07 on youtube, i think she's THE best makeup tutor & also a sweet person. She also does hair and buncha other stuff.

lovelyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. pls any make up sites 4 black american colour??thks

Michelle phan ---> mother of gurus

If you watch makeup tutorials then you should definitely check out Michelle Phan! Her videos are very helpful, professional and high quality. Plus her voice isn't annoying like other YouTube beauty gurus'.

pixi2woo-she is a great make-up artist,check out her videos ;) xx

My most favorite youtube makeup tutorials are made by AmyB - askmemakeup ;)

Pixiwoo are the best makeup artists, they really know what they are talking about

My favourite makeup tutorials are by panacea81. I can't believe you haven't added her in this list! Check her out, k? :)

Loved the first video. Best part about it is that it's simple enough to actually give a shot, especially for amateurs like me :)

Petrilude is to date the most talented makeup artist I've seen on Youtube. He explains everything in a way that most people are easily able to understand, and he's just a nice guy. A lot of his looks are pretty extreme, but he does have a LOT of useful tips and tricks, so even if you're not going to wear the look he's putting on, watch it simply for the advice he gives.

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