DIY Makeup and YouTube ...


DIY Makeup and YouTube ...
DIY Makeup and YouTube ...

I don't know if any of you out there have started looking at the costs of hiring a makeup artist for your wedding but in our area you are easily looking at $100-300+ (add another $100 or so for hair). I'm a complete idiot when it comes to putting on makeup and as much as I'd like to save costs and do it myself I know I don't have the skill.


I was reading the recent issue of Marie Claire and they have a page with their Beauty Director Ying Chu. She said that YouTube is filled with video tutorials on how to do makeup. She specifically recommended the videos of makeup novice Amy04 and the videos of professional makeup artist Tricia Sawyer (alias theChuckt). You can do a search for "bridal makeup" or "wedding makeup" and find videos by other artists as well.

Maybe with some practice you might be able to save yourself a couple hundred bucks on your wedding day or the hassle of a trip to the makeup counter for instructions.

^Video on Neutral Wedding Makeup from Amy04

^Video on plumping your lips without injections or plumpers from Tricia Sawyer aka theChuckt'>

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