NYE Party Beauty Hangover Remedies


NYE Party Beauty Hangover Remedies
NYE Party Beauty Hangover Remedies

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Oh. Your. Aching.


Yes, you partied like a rockstar last night, and while you may be feeling the effects of it mostly in your head and stomach, your skin is probably suffering a hangover, too. Make sure you do a couple of things this morning to help that Beauty Hangover:

Makeup. We are sure, yes, positive, that you stumbled into your apartment, kicked off your shoes, maybe hit the bathroom to, uh, you know, then fell face first into your pillow to pass out. DID YOU TAKE YOUR MAKEUP OFF? We are guessing, Cinderella, that you didn't Get up, NOW, and go get that poison off your skin. If you're hurting, you can prop yourself on the bathroom counter and just use a very easy cleansing wipe.

Cleanse. Speaking of taking your makeup off, we highly recommend that you buck up, little camper, and go for a full cleansing. You had on eleven layers of makeup. It melted off with sweat when you were tearing up the dancefloor. That bacteria-infested water in the ceramic bowl you had your head in for a good two hours earlier this morning probably splashed up on your face. (Yes, we know that's disgusting to think about, but someone has to tell you.) After taking off all that makeup, just go for the good cleanse.

Drink water. Yes, we know you are bloated like you ate a gallon of sodium-sodden instant ramen last night with a saltwater chaser, but you MUST DRINK MORE WATER. Aside your pounding headache, the dehydration caused by overindulgence in alcohol is doing a number on your skin by drying it out. You can't start 2008 looking a year older already.

Drink water again. Did we say "drink water?" Yes, we did. Do it again. Drink more water. Drink it all day.

Moisturize. The water works from the inside, but go ahead and put on whatever heavy cream you normally use at night before going to sleep. We know it's daytime, but your skin needs the heavy cream, and if you think about it, the way you partied into the morning, it's basically sleep time for you now. Speaking of sleep time...

Go Back to Sleep. We don't need to explain this one.
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