How do You Organize Your Makeup?


How do You Organize Your Makeup?
How do You Organize Your Makeup?

** Alex Cao**

If you’re like us, you’ve got more lip glosses and eyeshadows than counter space! While we work on whipping our bathrooms into shape for early spring cleaning, we thought we’d take a few tips from the stars. Check out how they keep their stuff in ship-shape condition. Tell us: How do you organize your makeup?

Maria Menounos:
I’ve got the best thing in the world. I am lucky enough to have a spare bathroom that is just my “get ready” bathroom…and I have this big 10 foot counter slash cabinets and each top drawer is separated…one is like foundations and powders, then lip glosses and lip sticks, eyeliners and eye shadows, and so on. I just have compartments for each of them.

Angie Harmon:
I literally have tubs under my sink that is Spring and Summer Lips and then Fall and Winter Lips. I have seasonal tubs. And then everything in my top drawers is everything I would use daily and in the night, and then the bottom drawers go down from there, and then the bottom drawer is hair.

Ginnifer Goodwin:
The most luxurious thing I’ve ever done for myself in my life [is that] I actually hired an organizer. It’s all binned and labeled. I have like my two lipglosses that I keep. Everything in my life is binned and labeled.

Jennifer Morrison:
I just figured this out because it’s been a mess, and so often I need to travel with my stuff, so I went and bought a lot of those little bathroom cups. I got several of those [cups], like the circular ones, and then I got one of those leather desk organizer boxes and then I got a smaller one and then I got a bigger one, so I have all my brushes, in a big open brown leather [organizer]. Then I have my foundation, my powders, my eye shadows in the little sort of smaller boxes with a lid, and then I’ve got a drawer where I have all the little cups with the lipsticks and lip liners and pencils and brushes. It’s fantastic because I could leave all of it on my counter, and it looks pretty.

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