Fall 2008 Beauty Trend Glitter Eye ...


Fall 2008 Beauty Trend Glitter Eye ...
Fall 2008 Beauty Trend Glitter Eye ...

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I love glitter. I mean what girl doesn't like the shiny stuff? I have been wearing glitter on my eyes for years and years. I can clearly remember myself as a teen heading off to baby-sit with a fresh coat of glitter on my eyelids only to hear my mother shout "Get that crap off of your eyes, you will scare the kids." Newsflash Mama, kids like glitter too.

Glitter may have never left for me but for the rest of the population it's probably been a while since you have rocked it. This coming Fall has been dubbed by MAC Cosmetics as the "season of the glitter eye." I am sure a lot of you just jumped back in horror with images of disco balls and drag queens but fear not because there are many ways to wear this trend without looking absolutely ridiculous.

**Go wild: **If you want to go wild with this trend there are some awesome beauty products that you should try out. MAC's glitter eyeliner is a personal favorite of mine and comes in a bunch of fun colors. Another great item to try is glitter mascara; this look should be reserved for evening only and be careful not to rub your eyes too much (glitter in the eyes hurts).
Go subtle:** If the thought of glitter has you running scared you can go easy with the trend and try a shimmery eye shadow or apply a little glitter lotion to your legs or chest. NARS body glow lotionsmells great and will give you the glitter affect without going overboard.
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