Beauty Tutorial: How to Get That Fabulous Smoky Look ...

Just as it is with clothes, there are trendy ways to wear your makeup and cosmetic products. If your goal is to have that professionally made up, smoky-eyed looks that celebs seem to effortlessly wear all the time, take a cue from All Women Stalk’s beauty tutorial.

** Here’s how you can get that oh-so-fab smoky eyed look:**

1. Smoldering Eyes

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The first step to getting that smoky eye make up is to blend colors on your eyelids. Use brown and copper eyeshadows, blend β€˜em together using a smudge brush and finish off with a mascara to extend your lashes.

Next, the products that you should use include:

NARS Duo Eye Shadow Isolde

This Nars Duo Eye Shadow Isolde ($32, Sephora) is worth every cent because of its creamy texture and unique shade.

NARS Single Eye Shadow Fez

Up next, we have the NARS Single Eye Shadow ($22, Sephora) where you can take your pick from a selection of matte shades.

Sephora Brand Professionnel Smudge Brush #14

**The Sephora Brand pro smudge brush **($12) is the perfect tool to help blend the colors on your eye.

NARS Mascara Black Orchid

Your makeup will never be complete without these** lash-lengthening mascaras by NARS **($12).

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