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By Olga

Beauty Tutorial: How to Get That Fabulous Smoky Look

Smoky Fall Makeup: Must Have Eye Shadows

Tips on Smokey Eye Look

Smoky Eyes have always been in fashion, but this year they are as Big as ever! Check out the top 10 of Smoky Eyes on Celebrities to create an image of your own! ;)

10 Absolutely Charming - Katherine Heigl

Absolutely Charming - Katherine HeiglFor such a soft face, timide smoky eye is the best option! Way to go Katherine!

9 Smoking Hot "Housewife" - Eva Longoria

Smoking Hot "Housewife" - Eva LongoriaEva Longoria could get away with a "stronger" smoky eye look, but here she shows what perfect day-time smoky eyesshould look like.

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8 One and Only - Fergie

One and Only - FergieThis look does make Fergie's eyes stand out, but at the same time the eyeliner in the corners of her eyes adds some mystery and tenderness. Perfect for a night out!

7 British Beauty - Keira Knightley

British Beauty - Keira KnightleySmoky eyes is definitely Keira's favorite look, although it does make her look older...

6 Hot, Hot, Hot - Scarlett Johansson

Hot, Hot, Hot - Scarlett JohanssonScarlett Johansson usually prefers more natural palette, but these smoky eyes look HOT, HOT, HOT on her!

And the LEADERS a-a-re.....

5 Oh so Cute - Jessica Alba

Oh so Cute - Jessica AlbaJessica is so naturally beautiful, you can put any kind of makeupon her and she will still look gorgeous!

4 Classic Beauty - Natalie Portman

Classic Beauty - Natalie PortmanI love Natalie Portman's face - it's flawless, so is her smoky eye look for the new Marie Claire UK cover!

3 Everyone's Favorite - Alicia Keys

Everyone's Favorite - Alicia KeysThis girl absolutely rocks the smoky eye look. The gray shadows complement her skin so beautifully. Good job, Alicia!

2 Incomparable Diva - Beyonce!

Incomparable Diva - Beyonce!Beyonce looks absolutely stunning, this smoky eye look is so strong and at the same time so feminine - one of the best smoky eyes ever!

1 Young and Talented - Avril Lavigne!

Young and Talented - Avril Lavigne!I think we all agree that the 1st place should belong to the Queen of Smoky Eyes - Avril Lavigne - the girl who made smoky eye her famous signature look. Go Avril!

If you feel like getting that beautiful sophisticated **Smoky Eye Look **yourself, don't be shy, open those make up bags of yours, Ladies, and just follow this "7 Easy Steps to Smoky Eyes" Instruction.

And may the magic begin! ;)

Beauty Tutorial: How to Get That Fabulous Smoky Look

Smoky Fall Makeup: Must Have Eye Shadows

Tips on Smokey Eye Look

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