Makeup Lesson - Steal Katherine Heigl's Natural Look


Makeup Lesson - Steal Katherine Heigl's Natural Look
Makeup Lesson - Steal Katherine Heigl's Natural Look

Makeup trends like canary yellow eye shadow and bubble gum pink lipstick may come and go, but you can never go wrong with a **timeless ****natural look **- especially for the summer.

A-list actress Katherine Heigl is the epitome of the classic girl next door image- sheer lips **and **dewy skin **teamed up with **sultry but subtle eyes.... so to clone her look this season, check out these makeup tips so you can sizzle like Grey's blonde bombshell.

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Dewy Skin

Dewy Skin As the temperature outside rises, our attempt to smear on heavy foundation drops. So this summer, maintain that healthy looking sun-kissed glow by mixing a bit of your foundation with SPF facial moisturizer, and voila- your very own custom-made summer ready makeup. It's lightweight, yet you'll get some coverage- so there's no need to abstain from makeup altogether. Ok, so let's get specific. Try:
Laura Mercier Oil-Free Foundation
Dewy Skin and
Juice Beauty SPF 30 Mineral Sheer Moisturizer
Dewy Skin I'm tellin' ya ladies- these two products coupled together make the perfect recipe for a dewy, glowing face like Katherine's. Simply use a drop or two of foundation combined with a silver dollar size amount of moisturizer, and apply evenly on the face.


Blush Cheecks

Blush Cheecks Like Katherine, get that flushed, **cheeky lift **with a blush tint like
Avon Just Pinched Instant Blush Tint.
Blush Cheecks With just under 10 bucks a pop each, these little babies will deliver a **sheer hint of color **to those apples of your cheeks.


Sultry, Subtle Eyes

Sultry, Subtle Eyes Since this is the realm of naturale, think **neutral **shades. For paler complexions, opt for **beigy/taupe eye shadows **and chocolate brown eye liner slightly smudged on the upper and/or lower lash line of the eyes. For olive or darker skin tones, go for light to medium **mocha shades **for the eye lids and dark brown eye liner for more definition. Try products like:
Therapy Systems Eyeshadow
Sultry, Subtle Eyes Use the neutral colors of this shadow in Latte, Pure Silk or Bowery Beige.
For eye liner, try out:
Helena Rubinstein Silky Eye Crayon Eye Liner in Soft Brown
Sultry, Subtle Eyes Remember girls, no harsh lines! Keep everything soft and natural. Smudge the liner with a q-tip if you have to.

And lastly, finish off with two coats of brown or black/brown mascara.


Kissable Juicy Lips

Kissable Juicy Lips For a kissable pout like the 27 Dresses star, whip out a natural toned lip liner and carefully line your lips without drawing past your natural lip line! Then fill your entire lip with the liner to create a base for your lip color/balm (which will by the way adhere better and last much longer). Go for one like:
Sephora Brand Slim Pencil- Lip
in Neutral 115, Nude 114 or Natural 110.
Kissable Juicy Lips If you're more of a lipstick chick, then try a foxy nude lip color like:
Clinique Long Last Soft Shine Lipstick
in Creamy Nude or Perfect Beige
Kissable Juicy Lips Granted, choose a lip color that is **one shade lighter or darker **than your lips.

If lip gloss or balm is more your cup of tea, then why not try out:
NARS Lip Gloss
Kissable Juicy Lips Well there you have it... so move over Katherine. We are so stealing that look of yours.

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thanks! i love(!!) her look..

I'm going to try all that tips right now

I like Katherine Heigl and these are great tips!

Katherine Heigl is disgrace for all actors, not sure who seen her interview with David Letterman tonight, she said go to Mexico and get your pets. There are plenty of lovable dogs right here in the old USA.

Just pinched! at a great, great price! Click my name!

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