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7 Tips on Using an Eyelash Curler ...

By Kati

Ever wondered how Scarlet Johannson gets her eyelashes so curly? Or why Beyonce’s look so voluptuous?

They’ve been taught the magic of the eyelash curlers, and now it’s our turn! Here are my top seven tips on curling your lashes...


Make sure your eyelashes are clean from make up! Use make up remover to get rid of old mascara and eye makeup, which will affect results!


Heat up your curlers. You can buy ones which heat themselves, but for much cheaper, you can buy metal curlers and heat them gently with a hairdryer.


Line up the warm curler with the bottom of your lashes, and hold for 10-30 seconds.


Remember that the longer you hold for, the curlier your lashes will be!


Never pull your curler up your eyelashes, as this can lead to your eyelashes coming out!


It’s a popular misconception that you should put mascara on first. Don’t! It’ll make your eyelashes clump and stick to the curler, which could lead to them being pulled out. Ouch!


Finally, allow the eyelashes a few seconds to dry before carefully applying mascara. Allow this time to dry, too!

Now you too can have fabulous eyelashes! This look adds an element of glamour to any look, and can be the perfect finishing touch.

Have you got an eyelash tip or you have a special eyelash curler technic? Please share it with me!

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