10 Black Smokey Eye Look Tips ...


10 Black Smokey Eye Look Tips ...
10 Black Smokey Eye Look Tips ...

Using the black smokey eye look tips listed below, you should be able to achieve that oh-so-sultry look that I've been seeing a lot of women going for. I personally love the smokey eye look! What a great way to make a statement when entering a room and it's perfect when heading out on the town with the gals for a night of fun. Follow these steps and by the time you reach number 1 you will have achieved the ultimate smokey eye look. Are you ready?

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Apply All Other Makeup First

Apply All Other Makeup First Photo Credit: Sabrina Pugnale

Start off by doing the rest of your face first. That means. foundation, concealer, blush and anything else you think your face needs to look great. Remember to keep your lips and cheeks light considering your eyes will be all the drama you need. I personally stick to a light peach shade for my lips with plenty of lipgloss.


Prime Eyelids with Neutral Base

Prime Eyelids with Neutral Base Photo Credit: Ninia Veneno *Girl from New Jersey, USA*

I like using an oil-free concealer or even some foundation">https://allwomenstalk.com/10-best-foundations-for-fall-and-winter/">foundation. Just remember to let the primerdry completely before you add some neutral colored eye shadow. Put this base over the entire eye lid. Try to find a base that has a bit of shimmer for that extra oomph!


Line Your Eyes and Soften the Liner

Line Your Eyes and Soften the Liner Photo Credit: Sabrina Pugnale

To get that perfect celebrity smokey eye look, line the entire eye with a black pencil. Try to get this line as close to your eyelashes as possible. In order to get it up into your lash line, use your fingertip and gently move it around on the eyelid and into the lash line. You can soften this effect with a cotton swab.


Apply Black Eyeshadow

Apply Black Eyeshadow Photo Credit: liefelientje

Most eye shadows come with an applicator that has a sponge tip on it, you can use this applicator or a cotton swab to apply the black eyeshadow. Just do this on the top eyelid for now. You can smudge the area with a fresh cotton swab if desired.


Add a Lighter Eyeshadow

Add a Lighter Eyeshadow Photo Credit: Lady Pandacat von Nopants

Since the black has already been added, it's time now to use a gray or brown eyeshadowfor the eyelid. I prefer gray over the brown, but that's just my personal choice. Choose whichever one you like and apply it by starting at the lash line and moving towards the crease of your eyelid. Keep going across the lid and stop once you've reached the area right under the eyebrow bone. When you close your eye, this effect will look somewhat like an oval.


Add Black Eyeshadow under the Eye

Add Black Eyeshadow under the Eye Photo Credit: anilorac186

This is one of the final black smokey eyetips that will bring the whole eye together. Use a cotton ball to sweep off any eyeshadow that has gotten under the eye and put on the concealer to this lower eye area, if you haven't already done so. Use the applicator or cotton swab to place black eyeshadow over the eyeliner on the lower lid.


Encircle Eye with Lighter Eyeshadow

Encircle Eye with Lighter Eyeshadow Photo Credit: ☠Jacqueline☠

Whichever lighter colored eye shadow you chose earlier, use the same to encircle your entire eye. Just don't go too far under the eye or you will end up looking more like a raccoon! Blend this slowly and gradually in a circle until you are happy with the effect.


Put on Mascara

Put on Mascara Photo Credit: dreamglow

And to complete the look, mascara! Make sure to use a good mascara that isn't going to run all over your eyes and ruin the masterpiece you've just created. Apply 2 or 3 coats on the top lashes and 2 on the bottom ones.


Add Some Flair

Add Some Flair Photo Credit: ☠Jacqueline☠

Feel free to add something fun to your whole creation; maybe some colored mascara on the tips of the lashes or a little bit of shimmer to the eye. Don't be scared to spice it up a bit. Even if it is so subtle that only you know you've added it, it is still fun!


Check the Final Outcome

Check the Final Outcome Photo Credit: larissaboyd

Now, it's time to look over the whole eye and see what you think. Make sure everything is completely dry and that there aren't any smudges. You might want to use a cotton ball and gently sweep the area. Don't do this is if you are afraid of messing up your work and are perfectly happy with your results.

I hope you'll find these black smokey eye tips helpful in creating a look you will be happy with. It's always fun to create something that looks like it took ages to do. Actually the first time you try this, it might take a bit of time, but it will be well worth it. Trust me! How do you do your smokey eyes? Please let me know!

Top Photo Credit: larissaboyd

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i usually do my eyes first and then apply my powder foundation and the rest of my face. i find that if i have fall out, its okay because i can simply remove it and then apply the rest of my face afterwards

gel eyeliner really helps give smoky eyes that extra va va room. love your tips. another thing to consider if the person is familiar with beauty products and application is to use one color but blend more in some regions and dab more on others. done right it looks amazing but I do believe that using a lighter color as you mentioned is more beneficial!

Great tips! Somehow mine always ends up looking like panda eyes, so I'm going to try it your way to see if it helps!

I love that you put Jacqueline's photos because she is really a good example in this story with the smokey eye makeup. :) I really like her looks and tips. :)

I like blending few different colors to give that smokey look. Green, gold and black look really nice together. Violet, Blue and black also look great. A good brush comes in really handy for creating the smokey look.

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