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7 Best Smokey Eye Videos ...

By Melanie

Smokey eye videos helped me out. For so long, I tried to get that smokey eye look and couldn’t quite seem to get it right. Then, I looked into some tutorials. Did you know that you can go to Youtube to learn how to do practically anything? It’s a very useful site. On Youtube, there are many smokey eye videos, so it was hard to pick just 7 of them. Below, you will find 7 best smokey eye videos that I have compiled together. I don’t exactly know how fast you are at putting makeup on, so the time needed is a guestimate give or take a few…

7 Smokey Eye Tutorial by Kuuipo1207

How Smokey: very smokey
Level: for beginners
Time Needed: 7 minutes
Where to Wear: nightclub, party, school etc.
My Comment: I think she has a good amount of experience at putting makeup on and she seems pretty camera friendly. She does use only MAC makeup and so far has not recommended anything else other than MAC, which can be hard for some to get a hold of.

6 Smokey Eye Tutorial by Angeec03

Smokey Eye Tutorial by Angeec03
How Smokey: very smokey,
Level: advanced
Time Needed: 9 minutes
Where to Wear: party
My comment: With this one, she tells us that she is not sure if you can put makeup on your waterline and I’m not really sure either. I personally do it, so yes, you should look into it before you do so. I like how she applies the eye shadow to her eyes and she has made a pretty good tutorial.

5 Smokey Eye Tutorial by Kandeejohnson

How Smokey: very smokey
Level: for beginners
Time Needed: 12 minutes
Where to Wear: nightclub
My comment: There is actually a comment on here stating that pulling on the eyes when applying makeup is no good as it can cause wrinkles. Is this true? Anyhow, I think she does a great job at applying the makeup and tells you which brush you should use. Do you like how she does the eye shadow?

4 Smokey Eye Tutorial by Xteeener

How Smokey: very smokey
Level: for beginners, advanced etc.
Time Needed: 12 minutes
Where to Wear: party
My comment: This one is smokey green, which looks stunning. Again, this one tells us just which brush we should use in order to get the results that she got. One comment said she should have stopped at 1:20, but I think the finishing touch looked stunning!

3 Smokey Eye Tutorial by Soonitab

How Smokey: Dark Smokey
Level: Advanced
Time Needed: 10 minutes
Where to Wear: evening out
My comment: If you want stunning eyes that stand out, then try following this video. This is a simple step-by-step video that shows exactly what you need to do to get the look. I like how she describes the makeup and shows the palate of eyes shadow to us.

2 Smokey Eye Tutorial by MakeupD0LL

Smokey Eye Tutorial by
How Smokey: very smokey, natural smokey, etc.
Level: for beginners
Time Needed: 10 minutes
Where to Wear: night time
My comment: This is actually a great video. She gives a brief introduction and them moves to a separate video to give us a step-by-step tutorial. The way she applies the makeup, I can just tell that she has experience there. What do you think? Do you like the outcome of it?

1 Smokey Eye Tutorial by LetzMakeup

How Smokey: natural smokey
Level: beginners
Time Needed: 10 minutes
Where to Wear: Nightclub
My comment: For that sophisticated looking eye shadow, try this one out. Just like the rest, she gives us a step-by-step tutorial of how to get that smokey eye look. I have noticed that these videos all go for smokey eyes, yet they do it differently. Each one of them turns out gorgeous. I put this one at number one because I think she deserves to be there.

As I stated, there are tons of smokey eye videos on Youtube that you should take a look at. I listed a lot of nightclub/party ones on here. I recommend the lighter ones for school or work. Do you have a video on Youtube that you would like to share with me? Which one of these is your favorite?

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