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10 Ways to Kiss and Make up ...

By Kati

Have you had an argument with your other half? It can be really hard to get things back on track, and nobody likes fighting. Here are my top twelve ways to kiss and make up after a fight, but remember to be polite, patient and understanding, or you are likely to start the fight again!

Table of contents:

  1. show them you love them
  2. write a romantic poem
  3. cook!
  4. send them a card!
  5. buy flowers!
  6. go on a date!
  7. learn from the argument!
  8. learn to laugh at yourself!
  9. make sure you are friends
  10. holiday!

1 Show Them You Love Them

How do you usually show that you love them? Try something different. Cook their favourite food, treat them to a back rub, run them a bath. Whatever you choose, displaying your love is sure to melt their heart!

2 Write a Romantic Poem

Sometimes all anyone wants is to feel loved, and to believe that they are. Writing a romantic poem will help with this, even if it sounds soppy. You don’t need to get out your guitar and sing it, just writing it and leaving it on their pillow will be enough.

3 Cook!

Romantic dinners are perfect for making up after fights, even if you are a terrible cook. Get candles, romantic music, dim the lights, dress up. Cook their favourite food (or order their favourite take away!) Putting so much effort in is sure to banish your fight to the past.

4 Send Them a Card!

Find a cute card, and send it to them. Getting post is always fun, and unexpected cards are sure to melt the heart. Its easy and inexpensive, too! E-cards aren’t quite the same, but might have similar results if you are really stuck for time.

5 Buy Flowers!

Whether its a guy or a girl, everyone loves flowers. Buy a gorgeous bunch, and either set it up on the table in a beautiful vase, or deliver them to your sweetie. Just be careful not to embarrass them if you have them delivered to work!

6 Go on a Date!

Many arguments can be a sign of stress, and not spending enough time together. Ask them on a date, and book a restaurant or event that you both love. Then, get dressed up and take some time to look after each other. It needn’t be expensive; it’s the thought that counts!

7 Learn from the Argument!

Always having the same argument? Make sure you acknowledge what you did wrong, and try to improve yourself. If both partners do this, soon enough you’ll argue much less frequently, and be much more in tune with each other.

8 Learn to Laugh at Yourself!

The world is a much better place if you have a sense of humour! Remember that your partner won’t be trying to annoy you on purpose, and take some time out for yourself (like a bath, or a walk) if you feel yourself starting to get annoyed. Learning to avoid arguments is a brilliant skill!

9 Make Sure You Are Friends

It can be easy to stop listening when you’ve been in a relationship a while. Take some time every week to just listen, and be a friend. Talk about hopes, ambitions, wants and worries, and make sure you are both aiming for the same target.

10 Holiday!

If you have both been very stressed, or are feeling that you argue more than ever, then it might be time to take a holiday. Whether you jet off for a week or simply steal a weekend in a hotel, a holiday can be perfect for unwinding and smoothing over any debates.

Whatever the argument was about, there are always ways to say you're sorry! So whether you need to reconnect or just send some flowers, remember the reasons you love your partner, and why you put so much effort in. Occasional arguments are healthy and needed to clear the air, but regular arguments might be a sign of trouble. Have you got a trick to apologizing to your other half? Please share it with me!

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