7 Ways to Subtly Improve Your Sex Life ...


7 Ways to Subtly Improve Your Sex Life ...
7 Ways to Subtly Improve Your Sex Life ...

Has your sex life gone a bit stale? Do you want to spice it up a bit? A close friend of mine confessed to be very bored of hers at a girl's night in recently, and I was shocked at how few suggestions we could come up with to spice it up. So with that in mind, I’ve been researching the top 7 ways, and here they are...

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Treasure Chest

Treasure Chest Photo Credit :soulboating

Make a "pleasure chest," full of condoms, sexy lingerie, your favourite flavour of jam, a blindfold, handcuffs... anything that might get you in the mood. Then hide it under the bed, and pull out random things. Challenge yourself to think of a sexy way to utlilise it, and you’ll be surprised at how much fun you have!


Random Oral

Random Oral While you do an everyday activity, such as getting changed after work, give him random oral. He’ll be shocked but thrilled and it’s an excellent and easy way to inject some spice back into your sex life! Plus, you can spend the next few days wondering when he will repay the favour!


Spontaneity is key here. Creating an element of surprise can intensify the connection between you and your partner. This impromptu moment breaks the monotony of routine and adds a thrilling twist to your intimacy. It's these unexpected encounters that often lead to a more passionate and energised sexual relationship. Indulging in such spontaneous acts not only keeps the desire alive but also shows your partner that your attraction to them is as strong as ever. Plus, it opens the door for more playful and creative exchanges in the future.


Body Massage

Body Massage Grab some massage oil and plan a night. He’ll go mad at the feel of your skin all over him, but to make it more fun, forbid him to touch you until you are finished and then try your best to drive him wild... use different body parts to massage his skin, and you’ll have great fun! This tactic has worked for everyone I’ve suggested it to so far, so make it top of your list.

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Hair Massage

Hair Massage This is a Thai trick, and I had to try it. It works! Get your man to lie down with his top off, and dangle your hair over his chest. Keep it out of his face, and occasionally alternate with fingertip massage. Light and gentle is the key, and you’ll soondrive him crazy, although I’ve got no idea why!


Pearl Necklace

Pearl Necklace Photo credit: diamond girl 77

Grab a pearl necklace, and your man. Lube him up, and gently wrap the necklace around the base of his penis, being careful to avoid hair. Gently pull the necklace up and down his shaft, in a fluid motion, avoiding the head. This is such a different feel, he’s sure to love it.


Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations Grab your favourite vibrator and spend some time exploring his body and finding out where it feels good... in particular, aim to find his million dollar spot, located between his testicles and anus. Touching it puts pressure on his prostate, so the vibrations will feel out of this world...



Blindfolds Take turns to strip off and be blindfolded. Then the other person uses their lips, tongue, body parts and objects to touch areas on the blindfolded partner, while they try to guess what is touching them. When the person can’t take it anymore, switch over. The perfect pre-sex spice and definitely something new that you must try!

You’ll be glad to know that after two weeks of trying these tips, my friend is now happier then ever with her sex life, and I feel prepared if I ever feel the way she did! But even if you are completely satisfied, how about giving one a go anyway? They can be great fun, and the perfect surprise... Have you got a tip for spicing up your sex life? Please share it with us!

Top Photo Credit: mauhaus

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Never tried the pearl necklace trick and I've got to say, I'm intrigued. Blindfolds are always fun! :D

I thought you meant a different pearl necklace, but this idea is awesome :) Maybe you can write an article about helping your partner be less shy? It seems to be an issue.

I love the pearl necklace idea! Never tried it. Also for the massage do you know of good oils to use?

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