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5 Safari Sexy Stuff to See...

By Meream

1 for Your Face

Want to know how to do safari-inspired makeup? The end result will be "shimmering greens and golds" that will seduce any sane man.

2 for Keeping Warm

I cannot imagine using this where I live but I can imagine spending hours just touching that fur. I gather it's fake. Is this your idea of a chic coat?

3 for Showing off Your Legs

Not in a sl*tty way, though. The skirt listed here will make you look sexy but adorable at the same time. Love the shape!

4 for Your Head

Oh how I wish I look okay when I wear hats. If I do, I'd get something similar to what Blake Lively is wearing here. Simple, cute, and functional.

5 for Your Nails

Check out the second set. Safari+ pink = LOVE. If you are into fabulously designed false nails, you will love Violet's new products.

Top Photo Credit: Violet LeBeaux

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