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Sex is so private, it’s hard to get good information sometimes. The media, magazines, e-mails, friends… depending on who you ask, you might get a different answer! No worries, though. I’ve done some research and talked to an advisor at Planned Parenthood, and here are 7 strange sex myths, along with which are true, and which are false!

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If You do Jumping Jacks after Sex, You Won’t Get Pregnant

If You do Jumping Jacks after Sex, You Won’t Get Pregnant Photo Credit: - POD -

True or false? FALSE!

This is completely false. Other ridiculous myths are that you can’t get pregnant if you douche after sex, if you have never had sex before, if you’re on your period, if you have sex in the water, or if you have sex while standing up. All of these are completely wrong. Think of it this way: sperm are specifically designed to get to your egg and fertilize it. Nothing you can do will prevent that from happening, which is why there is birth control. If you have sex without birth control, you will get pregnant. In fact, there are some women who will get pregnant even while using the Pill — I did!


Most Women Can’t Have Multiple Orgasms

Most Women Can’t Have Multiple Orgasms Photo Credit: al greer

True or false? FALSE!

Actually, most of us CAN have multiple orgasms, and we do! The trick is that most of us can’t have multiple orgasms, or any orgasms, with just vaginal penetration. We need stimulation in other, more sensitive areas, and despite what that misogynistic weirdo Freud says, you can still be a “real” woman and not have an orgasm during vaginal sex alone.


There is No Way, Aside from Surgery, to Make Your Penis Larger

There is No Way, Aside from Surgery, to Make Your Penis Larger Photo Credit: Jessica Hemrick

True or false? TRUE!

It’s this simple, really, no matter what those e-mail and commercials say: there is no way to make your penis larger other than painful, expensive elective surgery. Pumps don’t work. Pills don’t work. There is no other way.

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The Average Penis Size is 6 Inches

The Average Penis Size is 6 Inches Photo Credit: condomunity

True or false? TRUE… sort of…

According to WebMD.com, the average penis size is 5 to 6 inches while erect. The average size of a flaccid penis is only 3 inches… and does anyone else think the word “flaccid” sounds kind of gross?


The G-spot is a Myth

The G-spot is a Myth Photo Credit: procsilas

True or false? The debate rages on…

Some physicians say it does exist, others say it doesn’t. the G-spot, reputed to be a super-sensitive area inside a woman’s vagina, is supposed to cause rocket-powered orgasms… but few if any of us can find it. Is it real, or just a myth? The world may never know.


Vaseline Makes a Good Lubricant

Vaseline Makes a Good Lubricant True or false? FALSE!

While it may seem like a good lubricant, being slippery and clean, it’s not. Because it’s petroleum based, it will dry you out after a little while, and it will also abrade condoms and break them down… uh-oh! It’s important, then, to use a lubricant designed just for use with condoms.


There’s Only One 100% Effective Way to Avoid Pregnancy and STD’s

There’s Only One 100% Effective Way to Avoid Pregnancy and STD’s Photo Credit: Picture You Studios

True or false? TRUE!

If you’re intent on avoiding pregnancy or STD scares, the only sure way is to abstain from sex altogether. In fact, even close contact with a person who has cold sores from a herpes outbreak can give you herpes… the moral of the story? Know your partner, and decide if having sex is worth the dual risks of an unplanned pregnancy or contracting an STD.

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Now that you know which of these myths are true, and which are just ridiculously false, you can make better decisions about sex! Which of these myths have you heard before? Or do you know of another strange sex myth? Please let me know!

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"You couldve told me before your flaccid penis was in my mouth!" - Piper Chapman

@john good thing you are on a website/app called 'all women's talk'

Actually #3 is false, you can increase your penis size through PE (penis exercises) I have by an inch. You're just uninformed.

Gspot does exist!!!! for both men and women

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