8 Tips for Pregnant Teens ...

If you are a teen who knows that you are pregnant, then I am not going to lie to you, you have a lot of learning to do. Most of all, you should know that your life is not over. In fact, your life has just begun, just earlier than normal. Below, I am going to give you 8 tips for pregnant teens.

8. You do Not Have to Get an Abortion

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Some teens believe that their only option would be an abortion. While I say it is your decision and the boyfriend has some say in it, you should really think about it. You can survive having a child and you will be able to take care of the child if you have your priorities right.

7. Don’t Give up

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No matter what you do, you should never give up. Keep moving forward to make your life and your child’s life better. You can succeed.

6. You Don’t Have to Hide It

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When teens are pregnant, they try to hide it. Sometimes, they go on “vacations” for nine months to a relative’s house where they have the child. You do not have to hide it from your friends. It is nothing to be ashamed of. Sure, it may be a symbol of a mistake you made, but it’s a mistake you will not regret when it gets here.

5. You Can Still Go to School

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When I was in high school, do you know how many pregnant girls I knew? They still chose to go to school. Yes, there were some who quit and then we later found out they got pregnant, but you should definitely continue schooling. If not, then there is another option.

4. Try for a GED

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The other option would be to get your GED. If you do not go to school, then at least go and get your GED. Again, this is your decision, so whatever you decide should be right for you.

3. You Don’t Need to Get Married

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Just because you are pregnant does not mean you need to get married. This may be the reason behind a lot of divorces. They get married because the girl was pregnant. You should only get married if you can see the two of you together in the future. If you get married, then that is great, the two of you can start your family early and grow together.

2. Make Sure You Tell Your Parents

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When you find out that you are pregnant, you should tell your parents. Don’t try to hide it from them. This is a time in your life when you will be scared and the parents should be the people you can go to.

1. Don’t Feel Depressed

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Most of all, you should not feel depressed. The baby can feel that. You need to be healthy so that the baby can be healthy. Make sure you eat the right foods and go to the doctor. Cheer up and know that in nine months or less, you will have a true blessing.

While I do not recommend purposely getting pregnant as a teenager, especially when you do not have a job, I know that sometimes, things happen. As I said, it’s not the end of the world and there is still hope. Now, it’s time to start learning about babies! It’s an exciting time, no matter how old you are, so you should enjoy it and learn from your “mistakes.” All through life, we learn from our mistakes. I was born in 1985, I got married in October of 2003 and had a little girl in June of 2004. I will let you do the math there and today, I have no regrets and am happier than ever. So, what about you? Do you have something to tell?

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