8 Fun Points about Parenthood ...

By Alison

8 Fun Points about Parenthood ...

Without a doubt, being a parent is the hardest job anyone can do. Kids don’t come with a manual, and you can’t take them back and demand a refund! Of course, there is also huge fun side to parenthood – here are some of the most enjoyable aspects of having children.

1 Act like a Kid

Act like a Kid Photo Credit: vanessa.paxton

Being a grownup can be boring, what with having to go to work, pay bills, clean the house … So when you have kids, you can take advantage of the opportunity to have a blast playing with them. Run around, play silly games, have ticklefests – anything that’s fun.

2 Tease Them

Tease Them Photo Credit: julsatmidnight

Small children are very gullible, as they lack the knowledge and experience to question what grownups tell them. So you can get away with telling them all kinds of implausible nonsense. For inspiration, try the book ‘Great Lies to Tell Small Kids’ …

3 Perfect Excuse

Perfect Excuse Photo Credit: sansanparrots

If you love going on miniature train rides, carousels or playing children’s games, then having kids gives you a great excuse to do just that. Some things are too much fun to leave to children, but alas, it’s not considered appropriate to whizz down a slide when you’re 32 (even if you can fit). When you’re playing with your kids, however, it’s a different matter.

4 Relive Your Childhood

Relive Your Childhood Photo Credit: Not The First Noel

What did you love about your childhood? When you have your own family, you can relive some of the things you enjoyed doing when you were young. Books, games, simple pleasures like going for a nature walk – any of these can take you right back.

5 Teaching Them

Teaching Them Photo Credit: trippibug

Children have a great curiosity, so even a simple walk to the shops can be full of interest for them. Teaching them about the world can be just as interesting for you, as you pass on your knowledge, and you can also teach them skills that your parents and grandparents taught you.

6 Cuddles and Smiles

Cuddles and Smiles Photo Credit: Martin McDonald

I’m not a parent, and have no great desire to be. Still, when I see cute children in the street or on the bus, I can’t resist smiling at them, and it’s such a pleasure when they smile back. Cuddles from kids is an even greater delight.

7 Through Their Eyes

Through Their Eyes Photo Credit: isayx3

Children have such a wonderful way of looking at the world. Everything is simple, they don’t judge, and they haven’t lost their imagination. So why not try seeing things the way they do?

8 Reading

Reading Photo Credit: Blue Mountains Library

Having your own children gives you the chance to reread your favourite childhood books. Reading is something that never dates, and many children love the same books that their parents used to love.

Of course, if you don’t have your own kids you can still enjoy these simple pleasures. Just borrow your nephews and nieces, or your friends’ children. They’ll be only too glad of a break, and you get to give the kids back before the tantrums start! What do you enjoy about being a parent, or hope to enjoy?

Top Photo Credit: mikebaird

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Lol, "Perfect Excuse" is so cute.

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