7 Ways to Make Your Toddler Happy ...


7 Ways to Make Your Toddler Happy ...
7 Ways to Make Your Toddler Happy ...

Do you ever feel, with your 5 year old, like that person who is standing over an infant making silly faces trying to make the baby smile, only to be met with a scream? Unhappy kids can set everyone on edge, but there are some things we can do that will put a smile on everyone’s face, including your little pouter!

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Smile! Photo Credit: casch52

Smiles are contagious. Just by being happy yourself, you will make your child happy.


Reward Good Behavior

Reward Good Behavior Photo Credit: DriveByPhotographer

When your child does good things like obeying a command without question, saying thank you to a stranger or cleaning their room without having to be told, do more than just saying "Good job" occasionally. Reward them with a trip to McDonald's, or a trip to the store, or even just a piece of candy. By doing this, you will ensure more good behavior in the future. (Just be sure not to reward them so much as to train them to expect payment for every good deed!)


Write Your Child "love Notes" or Draw Pictures for Them

Write Your Child "love Notes" or Draw Pictures for Them Photo Credit: ohmeow

Leave notes in different places for them to find throughout the day. They will enjoy finding letters from mommy in their lunchbox, in their shirt drawer and even under their pillow!


Allow Your Child to Help Make Dinner

Allow Your Child to Help Make Dinner Photo Credit: paigerun

Kids love to help in the kitchen. Pick a recipe that is child-friendly recipe and hand that baby a spoon!


Play with Them!

Play with Them! Photo Credit: TheMalin

Today's busy life has had traumatic effects on family time. Many times, we find ourselves too busy to play with "Jr." However, taking time out of every day to simply play with your child is vital to your child's happiness.


Allow Your Child to do for Others

Allow Your Child to do for Others Photo Credit: Old Shoe Woman

Helping others makes us happy. This is no exception for our children. Let your child experience the joy of helping others but helping them bake cookies for a neighbor, or buying a gift for a grandparent, or even helping out with small household tasks!


Inspire Their Creativity!

Inspire Their Creativity! Photo Credit: Pink Sherbet Photography

Provide are supplies and let them go crazy! Being creative feeds the mind and allows their hearts to soar with a happy pride of accomplishment!

Top Photo Credit: Xtream_i

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