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7 Ways to Show Your Children You Love Them ...

By Jennifer

From the moment our children are born, we spend our lives loving for them in a million ways, every single day. It’s important to let them know how much they mean to you, and that you’ll be there for them no matter what, but how? Here’s my list of seven simple ways to show your children you love them.

1 Tell Them Every Chance You Get

Tell Them Every Chance You GetPhoto Credit: PJ Taylor Photo

They might not like it during their pre-teen years, but try including a hand-written love note in their lunch once in a while. It doesn’t have to be lengthy or elaborate, just a small note that says “I love you, sweetie, and I hope you have a great day.” Every time I do this for my littlest one, she proudly reads it to the rest of her kindergarten lunch table…

2 Let Them “help” around the House

Let Them “help” around the HousePhoto Credit: Rebecca812

From a young age, most kids want to help with the housework or cooking. Usually, we tend to say no because it’s so much faster just to do it ourselves. But if you let them help you, not only will they be learning housekeeping and cooking skills they’ll need as adults, they’ll get to “impress” you with how well they can make their bed, or fold the socks.


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3 Say “no”

Children need limits. They need to hear you say “no” once in a while, and for you to stick to your word. If you say “no,” make sure you keep to that “no.” Be reasonable, but there will be times you can’t say “yes,” and your children will know you love them more than the parents who take the path of least resistance and say “yes” to everything.

4 Say “yes”

Say “yes”Photo Credit: theloushe

While children need limits, and to hear “no,” they also need to hear “yes” once in a while, too! For example, why can’t your little girl wear her new swimsuit in the tubby tonight? Why can’t he put on his rain boots and go splash around in the rain?

5 Hang Their Art and Report Cards on the Fridge

Hang Their Art and Report Cards on the FridgePhoto Credit: Zane Selvans

One of the best, classic ways to show your love and pride in your child is by hanging their art and report cards on the fridge. To this day, my 20-year-old hang her college exams and such on the fridge… and I hope she doesn’t stop any time soon.

6 Play with Them

Play with ThemPhoto Credit: Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie

Chase them around the yard. Tickle them. Teach them how to play hop-scotch. Push them on the swings. Blow bubbles with them. Play hide-and-seek. Teach them how to throw fast balls or spirals. Just play with them… there’s no better way to show your children that you love them than by playing with them. Often.

7 Teach Them Life Skills

Teach Them Life SkillsPhoto Credit: kirsten.michelle

Part of parenting is teaching your children the skills they’ll need as independent adults. Unless you want them living in your basement forever, or bringing their laundry home until they’re 50, you need to teach them at least the basics: laundry, cleaning, and cooking.

There are so many ways to tell your children you love them, and to show them how much they mean to you. Try adding one or two of these to your day, every day, and you’ll see how loving they can be back, too. Do you have another idea of how to show your kids you love them? Please share with me, and I’ll try it!

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