7 Ways to Get Your 1 Year Old to Talk ...

It’s always a concern to parents when their child won’t talk, but it is perfectly normal for kids to begin speaking at different ages. If you are one of those concerned parents, then the list I’ve provided below might be helpful. I’ve gathered 7 ways to get your 1 year old to talk. Even if your child is already talking, these techniques will only help his/her speaking skills later on.

7. Use Repetition

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Being repetitive might be frustrating for adults, but kids learn a great deal from hearing the same thing over and over. Have you ever noticed that some kids’ shows base a lot of their actions on repetition? Kids don’t usually get tired from hearing or seeing the same thing multiple times, this is actually how many children learn to speak more clearly. If you’ve ever taken a foreign language, try to think back to the first time you heard a foreign word. Didn’t you listen to it a few times before you tried to pronounce it?

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